Sushant Singh Rajput's sister Shweta Singh Kirti announces $35,000 scholarship for students of Astrophysics on his 35th birthday anniversary

In 2020, Bollywood lost many gems to different circumstances. One of them was Sushant Singh Rajput. The actor was found hanging in his Mumbai apartment. Today, it is his 35th birth anniversary. On this occasion, Sushant's family members and fans are remembering him fondly. Sushant's elder sister, Shweta Singh Kirti, shared throwback pictures of the actor with his family.

Shweta, on Instagram, wrote, "Love you Bhai You are part of me and will always remain so..." The post is a collage of Sushant's pictures with Shweta, their childhood memories, a photo with her children and all his sisters. 

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Shweta, apart from this, announced a $35,000 scholarship for students who are interested in pursuing Astrophysics at UC Berkeley. "I am happy to announce that on 35th Birthday of Bhai, a step has been taken towards fulfilling one of his dreams. The Sushant Singh Rajput Memorial Fund of $35,000 has been set up in UC Berkeley. Anyone who is interested in pursuing Astrophysics at UC Berkeley can apply for this fund. Grateful to the Angels who made it possible. Happy Birthday my little Brother, I hope you always stay happy wherever you are! Love You," Shweta captioned the post. 

Sushant, in a post on April 5, 2019, had expressed his desire to 'create an environment where kids of India and elsewhere, get ‘free’, improved and relevant education and great many ways to acquire any skill of choice for free'. He had written, "To create a structure like this, and now, could be highly possible with right intentions and some working knowledge of chaos and game theories, non-zero sum structures that bio-mimic. Any suggestion/feedback/idea for the Cause, if you have, please do share. I would be highly obliged. It’s about time that we acknowledge ‘convergence’ that’s happening all around the globe and make the youth more competent and happy ‘now’. Because as they say, the more we learn, the lesser time it takes for us to learn even more. Let’s begin. It’s about ‘time’. Jai shiv Shambho "

(Source: Instagram)