Sushant Singh Rajput birth anniversary: 35 memorable quotes that give you reasons to celebrate life despite odds

Sushant Singh Rajput was one of those rare actors who not only impressed with his acting and dancing skills but was a well-read and highly educated individual who had myriad interests that went beyond films. He was an archery enthusiast, loved astronomy, astrophysics and quantum physics, was ambidextrous (could write with both hands) and was an avid reader.

For a man who was so intelligent and prolific, it is but natural that he would also have several life lessons up his sleeve. On Sushant’s first birth anniversary today, here’s a look at some of his most memorable quotes that will give you thoughts to ponder upon.

1.My Strength would be my honesty and passion towards my work

2.When you do what you want to do, you don’t care what people say

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3.No matter what you achieve, what you want to aspire to be, or how famous and powerful you become, the most important thing is whether you are excited about each and every moment of your life because of your work ad people around you.

4.Everybody is in a hurry to decode you in a certain way, and then they expect you to adhere to their definition. How can they possibly do that when you yourself are finding it hard to discover yourself?

5.If you are confident about yourself and wear what you love, you will exude a style of your own.

6.The best thing is to accept the circumstances, not take them personally, deal with them, stop complaining, and give everything your best.

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7.I think we are all insecure, and there is nothing wrong in accepting that. But the problem arises when we try to conquer this insecurity by cultivating this illusion of control, and we start taking ourselves and everything we know too seriously.

8.To be able to make statements, you need to be confident about what you think. You need to have a sense of right and wrong.

9.We should never forget the inevitable, as we will lose everything eventually. So, why fret over any kind of security? The idea is to just fly and experience it while it lasts.

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10.For me the opposite of happiness is not sadness, but boredom.

11.Everything happening around me is very random. I am enjoying the phase, as the journey is far more enjoyable than the destination.

12.The only strong opinion I have about myself is that I don’t have opinions.

13.I am learning the importance of living in the moment.

14.Just doing good work matters to me. I might be doing TV, theatre or movies or, for that matter, open a canteen in a film city or work on my short films. I don’t have the fear of failure.

15.I won’t lie and say that I’m not seduced by fame and money. But what has kept me going is the excitement of finding a character and living him.

16.I have been overshadowed for the first 25 years of my life when I was nobody to the world. But I was a superstar in my head!

17.I want to fail, but it should not be a mediocre failure. It should be massive. Ek ehsaas karne ke liye it is important to fail badly and destroy me as an individual. At the same time, I don’t want mediocre success either.

18.I want to be part of films where I can take risks. My agenda as an actor is to learn and grow every day.

19.If you are seeing something for the first time, one of your first reactions should be fascination.

20. As an actor, you think you know your craft, you know the conflicts in your character, but often you don’t.

21.I think people generally are lost, as they keep thinking about what is going to happen and what they have done. They are not alive anymore. The art of listening is missing. In their head they are doing something else.

22.I realized quite early that by the time I articulate my thoughts into words, I’m on to another thought. And what comes out wasn’t what I thought of exactly. So not talking was a better option.

23.I have made a lot of mistakes but I am proud of them all.

24.I crave for adventure. It makes me feel alive and excited. It’s a constant tussle between what you want to do and other parameters that aren’t in your hands.

25.What keeps me going are my learnings, which I would rather call my ‘experience’, and my urge to explore.

26.I’ve stopped taking myself seriously because now I understand how fickle my thoughts are.

27.Instead of sounding pretentious, phony or repetitive, I’d rather not speak.

28. I really wanted to buy a Range Rover. It was a big dream, and the day I bought it, I was very happy, but by evening, I was immune to it. That’s when I realized that excitement, if it’s happiness, is not in reaching the goal but in the process. Thus process trumps over realization.

29. Whatever dream you have, be sure that it is going to happen, and then forget about it. Then you have to come back to the present and be there 100 per cent.

30. If you spend time with your loved ones, you get the energy to do your job better.

31. I’m reckless, yes, but I’m not thoughtless.

32. The closest synonym of happiness is excitement, and you can generate it by doing something that you can’t completely comprehend. This understanding makes the process rich and exciting.

33. The more I learn about things, I realize how wrong I was before.

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34. I am not lost. I am very much alive

35. I never think about what people will think when they watch me on screen.

Well, so much insight and sagacity from a man who left us way too soon. You will forever be remembered SSR.