Deepika Padukone shares her second entry in ‘audio diary’, reveals THIS popular show as her favourite while growing up


Deepika Padukone, who recently removed all her pictures and posts from her social media accounts and kicked off 2021 with an ‘audio diary’ has shared a second aural record of her thoughts and recollections. In her second entry, she has spoken about her favourite show while growing up and the one which she miss watching as a child. Deepika named Small Wonder as her favourite show while growing up.

Taking to her social media, she shared a video of Small Wonder and an animated version of herself which she captioned as, “Which show do you miss watching?” In the aural video, Deepika spoke about the show and said, “I remember coming back from school and looking forward to watching Small Wonder. It was a show that lasted for about 30-40 minutes if I am not mistaken. My most favourite character from the show was Vicki. I thought she was spunky, emotional, intelligent. I think the one thing that I was the most fascinated by was the fact that a robot could cry. But at the same time, I found her extremely lovable and endearing.”

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The hit series revolved around an engineer named Ted Lawson who secretly makes a robot made to look like a small girl. He names the robot VICI (Voice Input Child Identicant, aka Vicki) and presents it as an adopted daughter of the family. The lead role of Vicki was played by Tiffany Brissette, while Dick Christie played Ted and Marla Pennington played his wife Joan Lawson. Jerry Supiran played their son Jamie and Emily Shulman played Harriet Brindle their annoying and nosy neighbor.

The show first aired from September 7, 1985, to May 20, 1989. It was dubbed in several languages owing to its popularity amongst the younger audiences in several countries.

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