‘She is choosing wealth and fortune over family,’ says Meghan Markle’s sister Samantha Markle on her and Prince Harry’s decision of stepping back as Senior Royals


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took everyone by surprise when they announced their decision of stepping back as Senior Royals. Meghan has been at the receiving end of all sorts of nasty comments and criticisms for this move. Now, the most recent one comes from Meghan’s half-sister Samantha Markle. Meghan and Samantha are not on the best cordial terms and the latter has blamed Meghan for creating a rift in the Royal Family in an op-ed published in an international daily. 

Samantha told the daily, “My sister has ripped through the Royal Family like a tornado. Nothing about their actions so far suggest they truly desire a private life out of the limelight. They have paraded themselves on the red carpet, tried to make deals with Disney, and become pals with the Clooneys and other A-list stars. Their objective is fame and fortune — to be Hollywood. The decision of Prince Harry and Meghan to quit their duties so soon after their fairytale wedding has done great harm. The Queen, at 93, shouldn’t have had to face the stress of seeing her family torn apart. My sister has become a totally different person, choosing wealth and fortune over family.”


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Samantha feels no sympathy for the pressure her younger sibling came under, insisting that “Meghan knew the social requirements of joining the Royal Family. She should have asked herself if she was willing and able to behave in accordance with the expectations.” 

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She even questioned whether the two will ever find true happiness since they didn’t find contentment with the Royal Family and wrote, “I am worried that Meghan and Harry will never find true ¬happiness. They could not find contentment with the Royal Family, will they be able to find it away from them?”

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