‘I keep a one-arm distance from such people’, says Salman Khan on being taken for granted for his helpful attitude


Salman Khan is well-known to have a very supportive and friendly streak. Reports of him helping out struggling actors, celebrities with roles in his films and even launching newcomers under his production banner often comes out. The actor is also well-known for his charity Being Human that often helps out people with financial help. However, in all this it is often the case that the actor gets taken for granted for his pure heart and helpful attitude towards others. In a recent interview, Salman revealed how he deals with such people.

During an interview with a wellness magazine, Salman was asked whether people take advantage of his good nature and how does he react and cope with such people. To this Salman said, “They do and they think I am an idiot but I let it go. But they can do it once, twice but after that, I know. But in this journey what has happened so far it has not happened, and people who are now close to you think they can exploit you, but it hardly matters.”

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On dealing with such people, Salman said, “I keep a one-arm distance. I don’t have that thing of not liking them it’s just that you don’t trust them anymore. But I am fine with them because everyone has some reasons. But if I know that someone is trying to take advantage then I would say it is not possible but I won’t break ties.”It just goes on to say that fortunately, Salman knows when he is being taken for a ride and when he needs to cut the slack.

(Source: B Positive)