Congress urges EC to stop the release of PM Narendra Modi biopic, says the film is politically motivated


Congress leader Kapil Sibal said Congress told the Election Commission that the biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi titled PM Narendra Modi, scheduled to release on April 5, just a few days before the Lok Sabha polls, and its purpose was only political to get some extra mileage in the elections.

"We believe it is not just a corrupt practice, but the very launch of the film is motivated. Three of the producers belong to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The actor Vivek Oberoi too is of the BJP," Kapil told.

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Sibal said the whole purpose was to gain a political advantage which was in violation of all the norms. "This is no artistic venture, it is a political venture. And that's what we have told the Election Commission. It should not be allowed. It does not allow for a level playing field. It violates the spirit of Article 324 of the Constitution. It violates the cable network rules. It also violates Section 126 of the Representation of Peoples Act," Sibal told.

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Kapil said the party told the poll panel that this was a kind of political propaganda which must be regulated. "Otherwise it will violate all the norms of fair play. All political parties must have a level-playing field. The last thing we have requested the commission to do is to give us a reasoned order so that we know the reasons why our representation is either accepted or rejected," Kapil said.

Answering a query, he said the poll panel has told them that it will take into account everything and pass a reasoned order.