Arjun Kapoor, Kriti Sanon and Sanjay Dutt's film Panipat to feature 110 actors onscreen; read details here


Ashutosh Gowariker, for his upcoming historical drama titled Panipat, has roped in about 110 actors for the film apart from Arjun Kapoor, Kriti Sanon and Sanjay Dutt and apparently, each one of them will be having a pivotal role to play.

Right from building majestic sets, hiring the best technical team to casting the finest talents from the industry, every tiny detail is taken care of to ensure that the audience gets a one of its kind cinematic experience.



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The casting director for the film, Rohan Mapuskar said, “The third battle of Panipat lasted for several days and involved almost 125,000 troops, so you can imagine the scale of it. There were many important people involved in this battle, hence we had to cast so many actors in the film. Director Ashutosh Gowariker has envisioned the film on a huge scale, and Panipat will definitely be a grand cinematic experience.”

[caption id="attachment_228223" align="aligncenter" width="696"] L-R: Rohan Mapuskar, Ashutosh Gowarikar[/caption]

Panipat is based on the Third Battle of Panipat that took place on 14 January 1761 at Panipat. The battle was fought between the northern expeditionary force of the Maratha Empire and invading forces of the King of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Abdali, supported by two Indian allies—the Rohilla Afghans of the Doab, and Shuja-ud-Daula, the Nawab of Awadh.

The film is produced by Sunita Gowariker under their home banner AGPPL in association with Rohit Shelatkar's company Vision World. The film is scheduled to release on December 6, 2019.