New-age marriage goals for Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma


One of the most loved celebrity couples, who make us believe that true love exists, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and actor-producer Anushka Sharma are setting new marriage goals in an advertisement for a clothing brand. The much-talked-about TVS has finally come out and Virat and Anushka are looking absolutely adorable while exchanging the new age wedding vows.

The advertisement has been released a couple of days after Diwali celebrations, hence, the perfect timing to endorse an ethnic clothing brand which Virat endorses. The ad shows the duo attending a wedding.  The Cricket-Bollywood pair indulges in a conversation doing a guesswork on what the bride and groom would be thinking while taking ‘pheras’.  And Virat and Anushka end up making their own modern-day customized vows.

While Virat promises to cook 15 days a month, Anushka agrees to eat whatever has been cooked with no complaints. She also, promises to keep passwords protected, and he vows to watch the finales of all the shows only with her. Anushka requests Virat to not address her with nicknames such cutie and much more. The cutest part, however, follows when the Indian cricket team skipper promises to stick to his fitness regime for her, and his lady-love holds his cheeks and assures that she will love him unconditionally, he need not worry about the fitness. Then, emotional Virat looks into her eyes and says with a conviction says that he will always take care of her and repeats the same couple of times before Anushka reciprocates with the same response. While Anushka looks gorgeous in magenta color lehenga, Virat matches her style with a black and majestic ‘sherwani’. Their chemistry is absolutely palpable and they look gorgeous together like always!