Guess who’s making sure SRK reaches the sets on time!


Now it can be told. Bollywood reporters on the Zero beat have been curiously sharing notes about how punctual Shah Rukh Khan has suddenly become while doing promos for the film and giving media interviews. The actor is otherwise known for being notoriously late and has even given interviews at 2 am. Just last night a tabloid editor reported that she was on her way for a 9.30 pm interview with SRK at Mehboob Studio when the PR frantically called to inquire where she was because the actor was already there. “I took everyone by surprise by arriving on time,” he joked. People are wondering at this change in SRK and what’s the reason behind it. got the answer from the man himself.

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It seems Suhana Khan, who wants to be an actress and has done theatre in London, was in Mumbai on a two weeks’ vacation while her father was busy finishing Zero. SRK and Gauri Khan’s attractive teenage daughter finishes school in six months and will then study acting for three years in an international school of repute. Meanwhile, when she is in Mumbai, Suhana visits her father’s sets to catch the action live. SRK tells the story, “She wanted to gather some production experience because a part of learning acting is to spend time on production. I was shooting that song Mera Tu for Zero and Suhana came on the sets. I wanted her to watch Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma because both are such different actors, Katrina has her charm, and Anushka her way of enacting things and I wanted Suhana to benefit from spending time with them. However, Suhana became more like a manager and made sure I reached my sets on time!” So now we know.

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Incidentally, SRK and Gauri Khan’s son Aryan has shown no inclination to be an actor. According to SRK, Aryan wants to make films and is training in the US to be a director. The actor and his wife have never directed their children towards careers in Bollywood.

“Genetics has nothing to do with capability,” SRK has said in a media interview. “Acting is not just a job, it should be a turn-on every second, it is about how happily, desperately, longingly and crazily you want to act. Don’t do it if you only want to wear good clothes, look nice and drive flashy cars. Get into banking, then. It’s much safer!”

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