RGV turns to newspapers when making gangland films


Poor Dawood Ibrahim. When he was in Bombay, circumstances made him turn criminal and led him to become the city’s leading underworld don and later the country’s most wanted fugitive. Now, even in hiding, the gangster in exile cannot find peace. Our Ram Gopal Varma, after licking his wounds from the Box Office beating he took over Sarkar 3 last May, is planning to stir up the underworld again by making a mafia film on the infamous D Company. This bomb the filmmaker reportedly dropped even before the reverberations of his earlier dhamaka on making “the real Sanjay Dutt biopic” had settled.

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If it goes on the floor eventually, RGV’s film will be titled D Company and he’s planning to make it in five parts. The script is said to be locked and collaborating with the mercurial filmmaker will be Madhu Mantena who earlier made RGV’s Rann and Rakta Charitra. In a statement he gave to the media, RGV said the series will not be a Dawood Ibrahim biopic but will present the true picture of his famous criminal empire, the D Company. And, in a first for Bollywood, RGV intends to call his characters by their real names. So the figures in his film will be Dawood, Chhota Shakeel, Abu Salem and Chhota Rajan.

In our opinion, no filmmaker showcases the chilling underbelly of Mumbai’s gangland better than RGV. He has a fascination for the subject. And he’s a master at bringing the violence and blood of our gangland killings out of the slums and chawls of Mumbai and taking them to the world through films. We once asked RGV why no underworld don had ordered a hit on him yet. He said the underworld loved his films. “They are intrigued by how I know so much about them,” he bragged. And where does he learn so much about the underworld from? RGV said, “From you, only! The newspapers and TV channels report the actual crime in Mumbai. I don’t need to look further!”