Happy Mother’s Day: Is your parenting style like that of Aishwarya, Kareena or Gauri Khan?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

A hands-on mom all the way, Aishwarya recently shared, “I spend all my time with Aaradhya, and I have one nanny, by choice. I read comments saying, ‘Ah, she must have an army of help’ and I understand the perception, but I choose this way, which means life is always busy.” Daughter Aaradhya happens to be Ash’s favourite travel buddy and her plus one even at Cannes.

She explains, “Because she is travelling with me, meeting new people, seeing our world, I don't have to sit her down and tell her what her mother does. She sees it, she is growing up with. She has now developed an ease (with media).”

Sushmita Sen

Having adopted Renee as a single woman at the age of 25, followed by Alisah in 2010, Sushmita Sen is a devoted mother as well as her daughters’ friend and guide.

Her advice to her girls, in a nutshell: “There is a difference between reputation and being honourable. Reputation is what others think of you or know of you. Being honourable is what you know of yourself. It's okay if you have bad reputation, always be honourable. That's really important.” Respect!

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Just as we expected, Kareena fell head over heels in love with her tot – just like the rest of the nation did. She wasn’t afraid to gush, “Taimur is always chilled out. He is so gorgeous.”

While striking the perfect balance between work and family, she also shared that the only thing her tot doesn’t like about her is that she kisses him about 20,000 times a day! “But I always feel like hugging him,” she smiles. Can we blame her!

Soni Razdan

Full of admiration for the way her daughter is handling her life and career, Soni Razdan has always stressed on young Alia keeping her special, simple, sweet self, intact through all the craziness and the heady ups and the not so heady downs of life. She advises Alia, “Don’t lose sight of who you really are inside. Because it’s that self that will be your guide and your most precious companion.”

Jaya Bachchan

Shweta Bachchan had shared what we already mostly know of her mother Jaya Bachchan – that she is a strong woman, a beautiful, feminine woman, a traditional woman and a career woman.

“May we always continue to be in debt of your surplus love,” she tells her mother, who is honest and upfront even when it came to calling son Abhishek’s Happy New Year the “most nonsensical film of the year”. Above all, she will guard her progeny with her fierce Bengal tigress mom love.

Neena Gupta


By choosing to have her child Masaba Gupta out of wedlock with cricketing great Vivian Richards, she stung society and paid the price.

Today Neena Gupta’s greatest vindication comes from Masaba, who shares, “She is the most kind and normal person I have come across in my life. She has had a hard life and she has had many instances where she has been challenged, but that has not made her bitter. And she could take care of herself and did not become reckless with her life and looks. She knew that if I saw my mother unhappy, it would have had an effect on my personality and that I would blame myself for it. She also ensured that I had a healthy relationship with my father.” Now that’s a super mom in the true sense of the term, we say.

Twinkle Khanna

She discusses menstruation with her teenaged son Aarav and reads Frankenstein with daughter Nitara. Alongside she consciously parents her two, likening the process to gardening.

“If you want a rose bush to flourish, then trimming is important otherwise all you will grow is a shrub full of thorns. In our country we only prune our daughters, sometimes so severely that they shrivel up completely, but we refuse to see our sons’ faults.” That’s one fault no one could accuse Mrs Funny Bones of. May her tribe increase!

Amrita Singh

She is the protective mother to Sara Ali Khan, who accompanied her daughter on location for the shooting of her debut film, Kedarnath and also scrutinises all her film offers. A film actress herself, she knows what it takes to scale the slippery slopes of success and ensures her daughter gets all the benefit of her experience.

A single mother to Sara and Ibrahim, this frank, fearless and generous woman has never tried to ruin her children’s relationship with their father’s second wife but reveals that she actually dressed her kids herself for the Saif-Kareena wedding.

Gauri Khan

She does not say much, but Gauri Khan is a devoted mother. She will post a candid pic of son Aryan and hope he doesn’t fire her because she did it without his permission. She will encourage Suhana to have the “time of her life” in her teens. And yes, she has laid down ground rules that daddy Shah Rukh cannot spoil their youngest, AbRam with more than one toy a day.


SRK has admitted that he is part-embarrassed, part-awed by the way Gauri keeps tabs on the children, to the point of probing into their most personal details, But what to do, Indian moms are like that only!

Neetu Kapoor

All the girls are nuts about Ranbir Kapoor, but his mother is his biggest fan. “He's totally down-to-earth, he's simple and he never loses his cool,” she is known to rave about her son. The two share a bond that is very strong.

Recently Ranbir had shared, “My mom always told me that a man is as good as the respect he shows to a woman. A man is as good as the space he gives to his wife, sister, mother, to be whosoever she wants to be. I genuinely try to do that.” She has taught him well.

Karisma Kapoor

Her father Randhir Kapoor avers that she is completely dedicated to her children, Samaira and Kiaan Raj. Systematic and meticulous even in her parenting, Karisma believes in teaching her children the importance of being humble and grounded no matter one’s station in life.

Keen that her kids have a normal childhood, she believes in keeping them away from the public eye. Equally open to learning from her children, she reveals that her kids have taught her about technology. “I am a bit tech-savvy because of them,” she smiles.