Rani moved away every time Shah Rukh came close!

Rani Mukerji might have been off the radar for a tad too long but now she’s back and she has us hooked! She has been spilling the beans on her male co-stars and her revelations have us chuckling out loud.

During her recent appearance on Sourav Ganguly's reality show ‘Dadagiri’, she spoke about her interactions and memories of the top three Khans - Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. “I have been lucky to have got the opportunity to work with all three of them so early in my career. All of them are wonderful co-stars and I learned a lot from them. Interestingly all three have completely different working styles and I really enjoyed shooting with them,” she said, smiling broadly.


She then went on to narrate some hilarious incidents involving her co-stars. Recalling the time she was shooting Vikram Bhatt’s Ghulam with Aamir Khan, she shares, “Aamir is a prankster on set and always up for some mischief. Even though he was already a big star, he never treated me like a newcomer on sets. I remember during one of the climax scenes, I had to run and hug him while he is standing all bruised and battered after a fight. I was excited to shoot and decided to give my best. Aamir was standing like an injured man and so when I dashed towards him, we both fell out of the frame, right onto the lap of Vikram Bhatt, who was settled behind Aamir with the camera. Aamir was taken aback and asked Vikram, “Yeh engine kaha se pakad ke laya hai (where did you get this engine from)?”

Rani is equally unembarrassed sharing an awkward tale involving Shah Rukh, back from the time they were shooting Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. “I was really shy that time and when we were filming the title track in Scotland, there was a moment when SRK had to come close to me and kiss me on my cheeks. Now every time he came close, I would slowly walk away from him. Shah Rukh is a megastar but he is shy this way and he got so awkward and embarrassed that I was running away from him. Then Karan (Johar) came and told me that it was fine, and not a big deal. I have learnt so much from these actors, mostly how to romance on screen,” she said. That is rather adorable, we think.

When it comes to discussing Salman, she has a rather interesting observation about his personality… “Salman is the most chilled out actor I have ever met and worked with. When he comes on the sets, he is so casual that you would be surprised. But that’s all a farce, as he really prepares well for his character. I actually learned how to be calm and cool during work from Salman.”

Keep ’em stories coming, Rani!