SRK at the WEF in Davos: Learned courage from my beautifully scarred women


The World Economic Forum, recently held in Davos, Switerzland felicitated Shah Rukh Khan for his contribution to the welfare of people through his not-for-profit organization called Meer Foundation. SRK is the founder of this organization that works for the welfare of female victims of acid attacks and major burns by providing them medical assistance, legal help vocational training, rehabilitation and livelihood support.

Through his foundation, he has also created specialized children's hospital wards.He also supports centres for children undergoing cancer treatment. In his speech, he said, "Actors are renowned narcissists. No matter how much we pretend to not to believe in external beauty, we tend to be obsessed with it, one way or another. Perhaps being surrounded by this obsession of beauty, a few years ago I came across a lady who had been brutalized by an acid attack and it kind of changed my life, or the perspective of it at least. To disfigure a woman by throwing acid on her face, to me, is one of the crudest acts of subjugation imaginable"


He addressed to the audience, "How courage can catalyze victimhood into heroism, how solidarity rather than charity enables the human will to overcome, how equality is not a concept, but a truth that encompasses all living beings and how the service of others is not a choice anymore for any of us. It is a duty that all of us must fulfill." He concluded his speech by saying, "I want to thank my sister, my wife and my little daughter for bringing me up well and teaching me the value of requesting, sometimes imploring and begging a yes from a woman, instead of forcing it upon her."

"Namaskar. Jai Hind."

After landing in Davos, he made sure to get clicked in his true fashion. Here's the picture.