Cat-fights and link-ups: Things Jacqueline hates!


Jacqueline Fernandez is one ball of positive energy but there are things that leave her drained such as constant references to cat-fights and link-ups. “It is sad,” she said in a recent interview, alluding to her supposed spat with Alia Bhatt over Sidharth Malhotra.

“Honestly, I felt very hurt. It’s the same media and same people that ask you, ‘Why don’t you do more female oriented roles? What are you doing for women’s rights?’ And it is the same female reporter who asks, ‘What about your catfight with Alia?’ I was like, ‘You are a woman and how could you even ask me that. Shouldn’t you be uplifting us as actresses?’ Sonam Kapoor went through the same thing. Sometimes, I feel the only thing I get written about is that I’m dating someone or that I’m in a catfight!”

We can understand Jackie’s annoyance with these two words. After she and Sidharth Malhotra starred together in A Gentleman which released earlier this year, their alleged link-up had reportedly led to a cat-fight between her and Sid’s then girlfriend, Alia Bhatt. The girls had supposedly unfollowed each other on social media due to the link-up rumors. However, they went on to thumb their nose at the rumours by posting a cute photo of the two of them at a Diwali bash.

However, it still hurts Jackie that people presume cat-fights and link-ups are her priorities, as an actress. She would let you know they are not! “We are working hard, and running our families, and our houses on our own. I wish they would grow up!” she exclaims.

And to further set the record straight, she claims, “I haven’t dated anyone (for a long time). I am so focused on my work right now that those things are not my priorities.”

Incidentally, her A Gentleman co-star also opened up recently about their alleged romance. “I think when an actor is seen with another person, too much is read into it, and that is not fair to any of the parties involved. I was promoting a film with Jacqueline, who was the lead heroine. Alia was travelling at that time. I don’t think she could even see A Gentleman. So there is nothing to explain. A picture can say a thousand words but maybe not the correct ones (laughs)! We meet so many people with whom we get connected and work with; and that’s how we form different kinds of relationships. Out of that, some relationships carry on regardless of work and that’s how it has always been.”