Three reasons we can’t stop leering at Priyanka’s new New York apartment…


If we spent the morning envying Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh who are brushing up their DJ-ing and rapping skills respectively in New York right now, image our plight as we lay our eager peepers on Priyanka Chopra’s absolutely smashing new apartment!
India’s most successful export to the West is on a high – and literally so as well, ensconced in her new apartment in a New York skyscraper that lays the world at her feet! Currently residing in the City That Never Sleeps, she is in the middle of shooting for Season 3 of her American TV Show ‘Quantico’.

The actress had apparently been house-hunting since a while and finally chanced upon the perfect home away from home. Of course, going by the images she has shared on Instagram, if it were left to us, we would never return home – sorry, home sweet home!
So here’s three reasons we absolutely looooove her new apartment…

New York, New York!

The location! Heck, this is New York city, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It is home to some of the world’s best restaurants, museums and attractions. With more than 8 million residents, and a vibe that’s electric, who wouldn’t want to grow roots here even if for a temporary interlude!

High up in the clouds

PC’s new home is perched on a mind-bogglingly high floor. The view, as expected, is to die for. The sight of the jewel-studded twinkling lights, spread like a carpet of diamonds, has even the actress - who has literally gone places in the recent past - smitten. She couldn’t resist snapping that famous New York skyline and captioning it: “Ufff this view!”

Understated Glamour

Those subtle shades of white that complement the spacious interiors, thick pile carpets, statement gold mirror, and the utterly glam sequinned cushions personalised with her name, ‘Pri’… even the lush sweater she wears to combat the nippy weather – simply stunning! Obviously the apartment must come at a price that’s steep but we don’t see the gal who ranked on Forbes list of the world’s 10 highest paid TV actresses, worrying too much about such minor details!