Sahil Khan issues a statement after being named in former Mr India contest winner Manoj Patil's suicide attempt case


Former Mr India contest winner and popular bodybuilder Manoj Patil attempted suicide by allegedly consuming some pills at 12.30 am today. He was immediately rushed to Mumbai's Cooper Hospital and his condition is said to be critical as of now. Recently, Manoj had written a letter to the Oshiwara Police demanding an FIR against Sahil Khan. He claimed that the actor was defaming him and mentally harassed him too. 

Now, Sahil has issued a statement and reacted to the allegation of his alleged involvement in Manoj's case. In the statement, Sahil mentioned, "I have been involved in the suicide attempt case of Mr Manoj Patil and hence I want to bring forward my side of the story today. I want to speak about the real truth and the real reason why my name is bought into this controversy, along with proof. If after that anyone feels that my explanation and proof are not convincing enough, then let the legal system take its due course,  but if any other individual is proved wrong then there should be legal action taken against him too!"

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Talking to a news portal, Manoj's manager Pari Naaz told that the athlete took an extreme step after being harassed by Sahil. In a statement, the manager told, "He was being harassed for over a year. His phone number had been made viral. And last night he was with his friends and on his way home he went to a chemist shop and bought the pills. His friends weren't aware what he took but when he reached home he didn’t even have dinner and fell unconscious. We then rushed him to hospital." 

Manoj and Sahil's tiff on social media is known to their followers. Recently, Sahil was seen mocking Manoj in a post on Instagram after he issued a video statement about him.