Rakhi Sawant claims she refused help from ‘husband’ Ritesh for mother’s treatment, celebs like Salman, Farah Khan and others checked on her


Bigg Boss 14 finalist Rakhi Sawant has claimed that she refused to accept any financial help from her ‘husband’ Ritesh during her recent troubles regarding her mom’s illness. She further described him as a ‘WhatsApp’ friend whom she married in desperation as a goon was harassing her.

In an interview, Rakhi told RJ Siddharth Kannan that she refused any help from Ritesh for her mother’s cancer treatment and said, “He called me, asking about my mother's health, but I didn't take any help from him,” adding that several celebs like Karan Johar, Salman Khan, Farah Khan, Sohail Khan and others have been checking with her following her mom’s surgery.

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Rakhi also revealed that she didn’t ‘love’ Ritesh initially and that he was only a ‘WhatsApp friend’ and believed that she would eventually fall in love with him which she did. The actress said that after being betrayed in love so many times, she now only looks to God for love and said, "He has unconditional love for me; people can betray you, but not Him.”

The actress further said that she spent 7-8 months during lockdown in sadness as she found out that Ritesh was already married and had yelled at her for talking about him on Bigg Boss 14. Rakhi said, “I spent seven-eight months during lockdown in sadness. Nobody knows what I was going through, I was in a depression,” adding that Ritesh’s sister alerted her about his previous marriage and his claims of being a ‘big businessman’ and hence he couldn’t marry her ‘publicly’. Rakhi had said that her ‘husband’ Ritesh will come out at the opportune time but she still has not revealed him.

(Source: Siddharth Kannan)