As 'Ramayan' makes a comeback on television during lockdown, Amul brings back some 'Utterly Butterly Delicious' ads from the 90s; take a look!


As we welcomed a new decade with 2020, little did anyone know that a pandemic named Coronavirus would envelop the world with fear and scare. Within just three months into the new year, the economies of developed and underdeveloped countries began to crash down due to lockdown to curb the impact of the deadly COVID-19. While people are now confined to their homes, Indians got a pleasant surprise when the popular channel Doordarshan decided to re-launch iconic shows like Ramayan and Mahabharat. For the audience at home, these re-runs became a source of entertainment and have taken us all down the memory lane. In addition to this, on public demand, the renowned brand Amul made us all nostalgic by sharing their television commercials aired during the original telecast of Ramayan and Mahabharat.

Amul, on Sunday, on their Instagram account, shared commercials of not just butter, but Shrikhand, Chocolate and many other products. With each tagline and catchphrase highly memorable, the team behind the brand surely brought a smile on each face. So, as you catch up on Ramayan and Mahabharat, sit back and watch these beautiful ads once again on social media.

Utterly Butterly Delicious-Amul Butter

There won't be a single person who can ever forget these words. Easy, simple and fun to remember, Amul struck the right chord with children as well as adults with their lovely marketing strategy. The commercials, sans any heavy visual effects, summed up our whole childhood. It won't be wrong to say that Amul became synonymous with the 'Utterly Butterly Delicious' phrase. Ads that touched upon Draupadi Swayamvar and Lord Krishna's love for butter ruled our hearts and now, they are all set to take over the digital space too. Watch them here and cherish old memories.


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We are just right for Amul Chocolate 

Much before foreign brands were a rage amongst youngsters, Amul Chocolate was the go-to option for affordable and mouth-watering chocolates. Delicious and just perfect for all occasions, the co-operative company touched hearts by reiterating the fact that chocolates aren't just for children but adults can savour without guilt. Amongst several ads, one featured late Neerja Bhanot who sacrificed her life to save passengers on Pan Am Flight 73 which had been hijacked by terrorists during a stopover in Karachi on September 5, 1986. Watch the ads here:

Ji Bhar Ke Khayenge Amul Shrikhand

Shrikhand has been a part of all Indian festivals in households across the country. While it is a time-consuming process to make the creamy goodness, Amul made it easy for all by introducing ready-made Shrikhand. Available in delicious flavours like Mango, Kesar and many others, the brand reached out to many families who found it to be an apt dessert option for last-minute gatherings, festivals and special occasions. Amul Shrikhand ads are memorable for featuring adorable children in the centre and a catchy tune. Watch them here:

Amul-The Taste Of India

As soon as the phrase 'Zara si hasi dular zara sa,' started playing on television, people would instantly identify it as Amul's commercial. Finalising the tagline of the taste of India, Amul took their association with loyal buyers a notch higher and fixed their position as the country's favourite dairy brand. Soon, their ads saw a major shift as they incorporated landmark festivals of India like Holi, Diwali and others. Connecting rural areas with urban parts, Amul did their bit to blur the line of communal differences subtly when it comes to purchasing aspect. Watch:

Amul and Smita Patil

One of the most viewed advertisements from the treasures of Amul was the one that starred late Smita Patil. An ode to women who are behind the functioning of the brand, the ad was shown in theatres and in between television shows. Shot with a black and white template, Amul's masterstroke did magic, all thanks to its simplicity and impactful background score. Watch the ad again here:

Amul Ice Cream and Milk Powder

Amul Ice Cream, after butter, has been one of the favourite ice cream brands in India currently. Available almost everywhere, it remains to be the first choice of families for birthday parties, casual cravings and scorching summers. The ads, with sheer simplicity and beautiful composition, won hearts and are still fresh in minds. Amul Milk Powder for tea and coffee was a superhit with people and the ads bring back nostalgia. Watch them here:

Well, Amul took us down the memory lane and these ads will drive away Monday blues for sure! 

(Source: Instagram)