Bigg Boss 14 Day 85 Weekend Ka Vaar Highlights: Salman Khan announces no eviction; Vikas Gupta lashes out at Arshi Khan for disturbing his sleep, throws water on her


Bollywood's bhaijaan, Salman Khan, celebrated his 55th birthday on Sunday. On the occasion, Raveena Tandon and Jacqueline Fernandez gave Salman a surprise by joining him on the sets of Bigg Boss 14. The superstar cut his birthday cake with his leading actresses and the housemates dedicated a performance to him. Shehnaaz Gill and Dharmesh Yelande were also seen on the stage with Salman to promote an app. 

Salman, on the occasion of his birthday, announced that nobody would be evicted. The housemates engaged in various fun tasks after the intense grilling session on Saturday.  

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Here are the top 10 highlights from the Day 85 of Bigg Boss 14:

- The Weekend Ka Vaar episode started with Raveena and Jacqueline arriving on the stage. Soon, Salman joined them and greeted the audience. When Salman said hosting Bigg Boss isn't an easy task, Raveena and Jacqueline confessed that they are fans of the show. The host decided to test their knowledge. They both cleared it with flying colours. 

- Raveena, who made her debut with Salman in Patthar Ke Phool (1991), said the two would fight a lot and he saved her from several embarrassing situations. Since Jacqueline and Raveena have done multiple films with Salman, they played a game. They had to decide who knows Salman well. The actresses were given hammers and Salman was a human buzzer. Both of them won the task and they answered all the questions correctly. Raveena, Jacqueline and Salman danced to their popular songs. 

- The housemates then put up a dance performance for Salman. They wished Salman and cut the cake. After this, Raveena and Jacqueline left the stage. The host then showed the housemates a hilarious video made by a social media influencer. Eijaz Khan complained that the team didn't allot any act to him and Sonali Phogat. The housemates then revealed Sonali wanted to do belly dance. Salman asked Sonali to present her performance. He told Eijaz to join in. 


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- Shehnaaz and Dharmesh joined Salman on the stage for a special task. They met the housemates and announced a game for an app.

- Salman announced a task where the housemates had to dedicate a slogan to each other. Nikki dedicated the slogan that read, 'Haye haye Aly ko karo bye bye'. Rubina targeted Eijaz saying, 'Nahi sahenge, nahi sahenge, Eijaz ka attitude nahi sahenge'. Rahul also dedicated his slogan, 'hai upar se heera, andar se keeda' to Eijaz. Jasmin targetted Vikas saying, 'Gharowalon mein macha hai halla, Vikas hai nalla'. 

- Salman announced the Entertainment Ke Naam Pe Dhabba Task. Each housemate stepped forward and smeared cupcakes on the contestant who they feel were Entertainment Ke Naam Pe Dhabba. Aly and Eijaz took Nikki's name while Jasmin and Rakhi targetted Rahul Mahajan. Rahul Vaidya smeared cake on Abhinav's face while Nikki named Arshi. Sonali, Abhinav, Rubina, Arshi and Rahul Mahajan selected Vikas. 

- Amid this, Arshi stole coffee powder from Vikas' room. Abhinav and other housemates helped her. 

- Salman touched upon elimination. He asked the three nominated contestants to collect cakes from the storeroom. Each one of them had to dig into the cake to find a chit. All three of them were safe. Salman said since it is the new year and Christmas week plus his birthday, he didn't want anyone to go home. Rubina and Rahul spoke about Eijaz's game and thought of including him in their group to throw the challengers out. 

- In the middle of the night, Arshi woke Vikas up from his sleep. He lashed out at her for disturbing him when he isn't keeping well. They had a major showdown. After a war of words, Vikas threw water on Arshi. 


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- Later, Vikas was heard screaming at night. Nikki and Sonali asked him to not sleep alone. He finally slept with Nikki on her bed.