Karan Patel calls Rahul Vaidya ‘Bigg Boss 14’s big trash’ after latter gets into a fight with Jasmin Bhasin


Karan Patel has slammed singer and Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rahul Vaidya after his big fight with fellow housemate Jasmin Bhasin, and called him disgusting. In the latest episode of the reality show, Rahul was seen targeting Jasmin during the captaincy task. In the task, all the contestants had to take care of their travel bags while sitting in a vehicle and ensure that the bags were with them till the end of the task.

During the task, Rahul tries to snatch Jasmin's bag. She keeps telling him to try and snatch it from her, and make her fall off the cycle. Rahul asks Jasmin to leave the bag, as she may get hurt if he uses physical force. Later, he aggressively pulls the bag away from her, following which Jasmin loses her cool. Responding to Rahul's actions, Jasmin lashed out at him for physically intimidating girls and also threw water at him. She cries at how people in general have a perspective that women are weak, and try to use physical force to intimidate them. Rahul insisted that he didn't threaten her and was just doing his task.

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Now, Karan has come forward to support his good friend Jasmin, and shared his opinion of Rahul through Instagram Stories. "One word to describe Rahul Vaidya -- disgusting," he wrote in one place.

"Rahul Vaidya is hands down Bigg Boss 14's big trash," he shared in another story.

He added: "Rahul Vaidya, beta kabhi mardon pe bhi zor azmaa liya kar, teri galat faimi dur ho jayengi. Jasmin Bhasin you rock! (Rahul, try using your force at men as well, that will clear your misconception)."

Meanwhile, actress and former contestant Kamya Punjabi also expressed her views on Rahul and Jasmin's fight. She thought the singer was right to take away the bag but he messed it up with his comments.

"#RahulVaidya ne bag liya, sahi kiya.. he was doing the task which is not at all wrong but "Actor hai Actor hai" bole ke kise ke profession ko beech mein laana was so not cool #BB14," Kamya tweeted.