'Bigg Boss 13': Shehnaaz names her son with Sidharth 'Zorawar', fans dedicate two Twitter pages and a sea of memes to 'Zorawar Gill Shukla'


Bigg Boss 13 contestants Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla were seen discussing baby names in the house giving a fresh boost to the hashtag "SidNaaz" and their fans on social media with just over a week left for the finale.

In an episode, while playacting the two housemates discussed baby names as a number of contestants dwindled down to seven.

Shehnaaz told Shukla to play phone-phone, in which they tried to dramatize the situation as it would be once they leave the house. As the playacting continued from bedroom to living room, to the portico outside -- sitting on the sofa on the lawn area, Shehnaz announced her son's name as  Zorawar.

She said the name should have an impact "khanjar ki tarah chubh na chahiye -- in all probability I want a soldier's name -- something like Zorawar". Hearing this, Sidharth poked fun at her. Their conversation left the fans way too excited. "Zorawar Gill Shukla" started trending on Twitter. Not only this, Twitter has dedicated two pages to our very own Zoravar Gill Shukla. 

Shehnaaz's and Sidharth's baby name banter ended with Sidharth teasing Shehnaaz about her boyfriends. He even suggested "name him Khanjar", but she, as usual, did not read the joke.. However, their fans picked up the prospective baby's name and came up with hilarious situations for both of them in the future.

Fans created memes. A user wrote, "Sid pissed off at Sana Bcoz she is teaching-- NURSERY RHYMES TO ZORO IN PUNJABI STYLE BAA BAA BALLE BALLEBLACK SHEEP BALLE BALLE#ZorawarGillShukla #SidNaaz."

Another said, "Sid-tumne uski naak q todi... Zoro- usne Mera nose touch Kiya and nose is my favourite part of the body... Sana - haa, par tune uski todi q... Zoro- you set bar, I will raise it... Sana and Sid both shocked Zoro rocked#ZorawarGillShukla#SidharthShukla"

(Source: IANS)