Helly Shah reacts to Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 suitcase scene, says 'had a terrible neck pain a day later'


A few days ago, a clip from the show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 became a topic of trolling and jokes. In the scene that went viral, Helly Shah, who plays the role of Riddhima, accidentally bangs her head against a wall after tripping over a suitcase. Then she lands into the suitcase in an unconscious state and fits into it perfectly. Soon, an anonymous person carries it and throws it into the swimming pool. Reacting to the trolls and memes, Helly, in an interview, said she has taken it sportingly and as an artiste, it is her duty to play the part with honesty. 

"The response on social media has been quite funny, and I take it sportingly. We incorporated that scene to create some drama and intrigue the audience. Some sequences can come across as funny or exaggerated, and in a daily soap, not everything can be relatable. As an artiste, my job is to play the part convincingly," Helly said.

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Talking about how she managed to fit into the small suitcase perfectly, Helly said it isn't easy to do so. The actress added that after wearing a heavy lehenga and remaining in the same position inside the suitcase gave her terrible neck pain the next day. "That’s exactly what my mother asked me after watching the scene. I don’t know how, but I fit into the first suitcase that was brought on the set despite wearing a heavy lehenga. Having said that, it wasn’t as easy as it looks. Though not at a stretch, I was inside that suitcase with my body contorted for about 45 minutes. I had a terrible neck pain a day later," she told.

(Source: Times Of India)