Sriti Jha, Divyanka Tripathi, Vivek Dahiya: Here’s what TV actors have to say about #MeToo movement


Tanushree Dutta, Flora Saini, Vinta Nanda, Sandhya Mridul – female personalities are coming out in the open to talk about the sexual harassment they have faced in the film industry. While some are applauding their effort for having the courage to come up with their #MeToo stories, others are busy trolling the alleged victims calling the gesture a mere publicity stunt.

With several Bollywood personalities supporting this movement, TV actors have also come forward to support the #MeToo movement.

Here’s what they have to say:

Sriti Jha: It’s very difficult to talk about horrid events of abuse or violation or assault. You’ve to live through them again. You’re mistrusted and called names. You have the fear of losing work or not getting work in future. There’s a lot to lose. There’s no argument about the world being unsafe for women. That’s why there’s a male friend or brother always dropping us home. Also it’s not scary for men. It’s scary for people who have assaulted anyone. It’s scary for women to party, to get drunk, to step out in the night to go to work or to stay at home facing domestic violence. I have immense respect for everyone who’s come out and chosen to suffer all of the above.

Karan Wahi: I am happy that finally, #MeToo movement has actually begun here. I am surprised to see that if someone is coming out to talk about their stories, they are being trolled for it. It’s a humble request to stop trolling and respect such women. Don’t judge the people before knowing anything. Let the judiciary take the call.  I have always respected women and will always support for their right.

Gaurav Gera: Firstly, I feel that this has been going for so long and it’s high time to be taken seriously. I have heard such kind of stories and surprisingly nobody took those stories seriously. Somehow, no action was taken against them; nobody told the men that they were doing wrong.  I am glad that women are finally coming out; people are been named and shamed. Women have been living this forever; it’s time to speak up now and let the culprits be punished. I totally support this #MeToo movement.

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Kishwer Merchant:  I think no woman on earth should be quiet when she is being molested or sexually harassed, no matter whomsoever the person may be. Honestly, I haven't gone through any such things by God’s grace but yes, I have heard about many such cases. I am so happy to see that finally women are speaking and I strongly support this movement.

Divyanka Tripathi: I think it’s great that women are finally voicing what they have been through. Instead of telling our sisters to hide if someone is approaching you for something you aren’t comfortable with…I would request them to speak up. The crime shouldn’t be hidden; let those who are doing wrong suffer the consequences of their own actions.

Ssharad Malhotra: If anyone is sexually harassed, one should immediately take action against the individual, company or organisation and not wait for years and months to pass. Please raise your voice and seek justice then and there and do not prolong the matter because everything and everyone has a shelf life. Time is the most crucial factor out here.

Debina Bonnerjee: I am surprised to see that women are being trolled for speaking about their incident. People are questioning about the timing of the incident which is completely wrong. It is not easy for a woman to talk about it because they know that they will be judged or might face the consequences. During that time, we did not have a powerful platform like Twitter. Now, when they have gathered their courage to speak about it; let' listen to them and not judge them. I strongly support this #MeToo movement. Let our judiciary system take the call and victims get justice.

Vivek Dahiya: It’s appalling to read the news but this is a must. Women shouldn’t suppress their voice for decades, times have changed and one voice can give strength to many more who have faced something similar. The nation stands by these women who have the courage to speak against such crimes. Thankfully, social media gives each of us a voice; let’s end this virus.

Helly Shah: I have heard such stories in our television industry too. Thankfully, I have never been through any such situation but the stories which I hear are horrifying. I am glad to see that women who are facing such crime are speaking. Let’s stand by their voice.

Akashdeep: Fortunately, I’ve never been through any such thing. I’ve been on every TV channel advocating that this was not handled well. I will not pass judgement on Nana or Tanushree but yes, it must be probed and put an end to. A media trial will not help. Her courage to come out is commendable. The sad part is that she has no career so to speak so has nothing to lose whilst others who may have been victims are perhaps afraid to speak up worrying that the big guns will ensure it’s the end of their careers in Bollywood. It’s a malaise in our society. Bollywood issues get prime time but this is happening everywhere Every time. She needs all Our support. But we know Bollywood never gets together as an industry at moments like these. I think Bollywood has lost its second and last chance in the 'Me Too' movement to come out clean.