TVF is gearing up for one of the biggest and most ambitious shows, The Great Indian Code!

TVF (The Viral Fever) has always been delivering some of the most loved content to the masses. Highly relatable and captivating, their shows have always struck the right chord with the audience and made an impact on their minds. Keeping up the spree, TVF is arriving with yet another intriguing show, 'The Great Indian Code' which is one of the biggest and most ambitious shows. 

TVF took to their social media and shared a glimpse of their upcoming show 'The Great Indian Code'. Set in the 1970s and 80s, the show features real heroes who paved the way for the IT revolution in India. They further jotted down the caption - 

"This story portrays the middle-class heroes who, unwavering in their convictions, challenged the barriers of time, tradition, and technological backwardness, paving the way for a groundbreaking software revolution."


'The Great Indian Code' had a grand announcement at Amazon Prime Video’s Prime Video Presents event where the producer Vijay Koshy and the director Deepak Kumar Mishra were present. Deepak is known for creating the Panchayat series and bringing in a lot of credibility for the project. The show created by Arunabh Kumar, Produced by Shreyansh Pandey & Vijay Koshy, and directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra will be about the Indian Software and IT boom of the late 70s and 80s. 

TVF is ruling IMDb's global list of top 250 TV shows with a maximum of their shows. They have 7 shows in the list which is way more than any other content producer from the nation. Moreover, apart from 'The Great Indian Code', TVF has an interesting show lined up for its release in 2024. Excitingly, the audience will also get to see the next seasons of the most loved shows, Panchayat, Kota Factory, and Gullak.