Blind Trailer: Slightless Sonam Kapoor Ahuja sets off to solve a mystery, gets into a deadly battle with Purab Kohli

The first look of Sonam Kapoor Ahuja's intense crime drama, Blind, has left the audience eagerly waiting for the film’s release on July 7 on JioCinema. With an impressive ensemble cast of Purab Kohli, Vinay Pathak, Lilette Dubey, and Shubham Saraf, directed by Shome Makhija, Blind promises a perfect combination of suspense and drama, backed by an engrossing and nuanced storyline. The recently released trailer gives the thrills and action in equal measure, offering viewers a highly anticipated cinematic treat. 

A captivating tale that unfolds a woman’s grit to defy all odds, Blind is a story of a visually impaired resilient woman (played by Sonam) who becomes a key witness to a crime. In her efforts to trace the unusual turn of events and give testimony about the incident, she is forced to confront the killer on her own. Purab Kohli as the menacing antagonist delivers a powerful performance in this riveting tale of secrets and suspense, with an intriguing cast that adds exciting layers to the story. 


Blind is presented by Jio Studios, in association with RV Motion Pictures & Lead Films, a Kanai, Avma and Kross Pictures Production.