Watch: Shah Rukh Khan is waiting for Disney+Hotstar to offer him his OTT debut, throws phone off the balcony


King of romance Shah Rukh Khan is also the King of wit and there is no doubt about that. Currently, the Bollywood superstar is experiencing FOMO, i.e as his contemporaries are jumping on to the digital bandwagon, 'siway Shah Rukh Khan'. In Disney+Hotstar's last advertisement, the streaming platform rejected Shah Rukh's ideas. Now, in the third advertisement in the Siway SRK series, the superstar can be seen waving out to his fans from the balcony of his residence Mannat. His manager, played by Rajesh Jais, was next to him.

Shah Rukh is now getting annoyed with the fact that Disney+Hotstar is not paying any attention to him. As he waves out to his cheering fans, he asks his manager whether he has heard anything from Disney+ Hotstar. The superstar is hopeful that the streaming giant green-lights his OTT debut. However, much to his disappointment, Rajesh informs that he could not connect with them as they might be busy with the huge slate of content they will be launching in the next few months. 

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In no time, Rajesh receives a message from Disney+ Hotstar and a curious Shah Rukh asks if they are offering him a film or a web show. Rajesh bursts the bubble and says it was a promotional message. Shah Rukh, annoyed, throws Rajesh's phone off the balcony. 

Fans of Shah Rukh requested Disney+Hotstar to announce his web debut at the earliest. 

(Source: YouTube)