TVF Aspirants: Four reasons why Naveen Kasturia’s and Sunny Hinduja’s web show is giving OTT platforms a run for their money


TVF’s new mini-series Aspirants has struck the right chord in the hearts of audiences with its truly relatable and genuine story of UPSC aspirants who throng to Rajender Nagar, Delhi for coaching. The five-episode series have been released on TVF’s YouTube channel and has taken the country and internet by storm breaking many records already.

Aspirants’s actors have become a part of popular culture with their amazing performances in the show. The series stars Naveen Kasturia, Abilash Thapliyal, Sunny Hinduja, Shivankit Singh Parihar, Namita Dubey, Bijou Thaangjam in the lead. They have become the toast-of-town on the internet with the impactful series. Here’s what makes the show such a hit with the masses:

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What is Aspirants all about?

TVF Aspirants Review | TVF Aspirants Web Series Story

Aspirants revolve around three friends who dream of completing India’s oldest and toughest competitive exams- UPSC. All three come from different backgrounds but they all face the same obstacles of hostel life, exam tension and the dream to serve the nation. The show expertly portrays the heartbreak, the competition, demotivation and struggles of UPSC aspirants. Unlike IIT and Medical examinations, Aspirants deal with the last shot of many middle-class famlies who aim to have a final go at making it into big league with a life of dignity, prestige and status in society. 

Sandeep Bhaiya’s motivational speeches

Sandeep Bhaiya is a character in Aspirants that is played by Sunny Hinduja. He plays the most experienced aspirant on the show and is found most relatable by the audience.

The Story

TVF's Aspirants (PRE MAINS AUR LIFE) Review | Infotite

Aspirants’ story is its backbone and thereby makes it a winner. In a country where students are brainwashed to appear for exams from an early age as there is no other means to increase the standard of living, the show makes a big impact on the youth. It focuses on the youth’s problems of leaving home at a tender age, living in an unknown city away from family, coming to terms with poverty, budget issues, heartbreak, demotivation and struggles to achieve one’s dream when there is no acceptance of failure and no second chances given.

The performances led by Naveen Kasturia

TVF Aspirants review: Naveen Kasturia show seamlessly ties India's pathos to the make-or-break drill of UPSC

The performances of actors in Aspirants are top notch with Naveen Kasturia leading from the front and taking the cake. His vulnerability and nervous energy make us root for him in spite of his pessimism. Abilash Thapliyal, Sunny Hinduja, Shivankit Singh Parihar, Namita DubeyBijou Thaangjam are also equally commendable in the show and prove their acting mettle.