Jamie Foxx's ‘Soul’ trailer offers a beautiful take on life being full of possibilities


Move aside all the grim thrillers, action dramas and horror films because Pixar is here to teach you the tough truths of life and death in a happy and heartwarming upcoming film called Soul. The film stars Jamie Foxx as Joe Gardner, a middle-school music teacher whose life revolves around music and who dreams of playing jazz. However, one wrong step while on his way to work and he falls through a manhole and ends up in an alternate spirit universe.

The latest trailer of Soul offers a colourful look at ‘The Great Before’ a place where souls get their personalities and quirks before they get to Earth to enjoy or wallow in their earthly lives. Joe finds himself in the afterlife but he wants to go back to his previous life so that he could perform on stage. Teamed up with a precocious soul, 22 (voice of Tina Fey), who has never understood the appeal of the human experience, he is determined to get back to his past life. As Joe desperately tries to show 22 what’s great about living, he may just discover the answers to some of life’s most important questions.

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The film has already created quite a buzz with its soul-stirring story line. The trailer reveals a little more of the plot line but not so much as to ruin the fun. The trailer is full of pearls of wisdom like, “You can’t crush a soul here, that’s what life on Earth is for” and more so. Touted as the best Pixar movie yet, Soul does look great with the same irresistible mix of comedy and genuine emotional moments that the studio is known for.

The film is directed by Pete Docter and co-directed by Kemp Powers. Soul is produced by Dana Murray and is streaming only on Disney+ beginning December 25.

Watch trailer here:

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