ALTBalaji's 'The Verdict - State Vs Nanavati' unveils new character poster featuring Elli AvrRam and the hype for the courtroom drama is unreal!


The latest posters are out for AltBalaji's courtroom drama, The Verdict: The State vs. Nanavati and the makers are making sure that the excitement amongst the fans does not subside, at all with the trail of posters coming in. The new posters are hard hitting with a hint of cynicism which completely takes from the realistic storyline that the show portrays. Alt Balaji has released individual character posters post the trailer launch and all of them are being well received- cutting through the curiosity with the need for me! 

Today's posters were revealed on the makers' social media with the caption, "Presenting India of 1959. Independent yet patriarchal. Progressive yet conservative. It also gave the Indian Judicial System, the most debated case ever in its history. A case that had the society torn; Men vs Women, Parsis vs Sindhis, Moral ethics vs Legal justice. Sylvia Nanavati was put on trial by the society, while it was actually the nation’s hero K. M. Nanavati, who pulled the trigger. Many judgments were passed outside the court, and the nation was raging with debates! Get ready to witness a case that divided communities and opinions, while a nation deliberated who’s guilty and who’s innocent. #TheVerdictStateVsNanavati a case that divided India.Streaming Soon on Alt Balaji"

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Directed by Shashant Shah, the 10-episode series is based on the real-life incident of 1959 and follows the trial of naval officer KM Nanavati who shot three bullets from his revolver at a businessman and later confessed his crime to the police. Even after six decades the infamous story of K.M. Nanavati Vs. The state of Maharashtra is still one of the most sensational criminal cases in India and marks a landmark judgment in the history of India.

Watch the story unfold soon on ALTBalaji!

(Source: Peeping Moon)