Got Money, Take Her: Saif Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan Deliver Koffee Salvation With Karan Johar


There is no such thing as ‘born star.’ Not even Kareena Kapoor Khan who took birth in the first family of Bollywood, in the lap of two immensely popular actor parents. Or even a Saif Ali Khan who is the crowned Nawab of Pataudi. Even if it were not for the abolition of titles in India, the 48-year-old would have had to be ceremoniously made to take the throne after his late cricketer father, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. All we are saying is there are no free lunches in this world. And debutante Sara Ali Khan, for one, has taken note of this very fact early on in her career. Sample her koffee debut on Karan Johar-hosted Koffee With Karan season six alongside her Abba.

Not the one to take her delightfully luxuries for granted, the newbie is setting each foot with much precaution and thought. And ‘Saif’ answers are so not her thing. Pretty much why the episode was high on confidence, eloquence and charisma. The headstrong Sara was nervous, yes, but she was also this happy buffoon who insightfully made the most of her visit on the coveted couch. Just like her intellectual daddy dearest, the Kedarnath actress wasn’t handing out ‘thank you’ all the time or enjoying a moment in some rare air – she was simply present with all due grace and honesty. From taking questions about Saif’s second marriage, with Kareena Kapoor Khan, to setting the priority meter straight with Ranbir Kapoor, Kartik Aaryan and Ranveer Singh – here are 15 such revelations made by the dynamic father-daughter duo while on the show

1.Amrita Singh dressed up Sara for Saif's second marriage, with Kareena.

Said confesses that he was lucky because while other families would have had some grumpy faces around, the actor's children from his first wife were happy to be a part of the celebrations!

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2.Saif would ask these three things to sara's boyfrienfd


3.Amrita is wilder than Saif but the latter is not easy to fool in comparison to his ex-wife, reveals Sara.

Sara was asked which of her parents is easy to fool? She replied saying Saif is better at fooling. However, about adopting values she said her mother is wilder than father.

4.Saif talks about getting a closer look at Kareena's gym looks: Coming and going, both

Considering he had his first born sitting at an arm’s length across the sofa while he spills the beans on his sex life with the second wife, we tip our hat to Saif. Because as Kareena would call it: GUTS.



6.Taimur Ali Khan has a rate card - one photographs for Rs 1500, reveals Saif

Saif reveals that apparently his son Taimur Ali Khan's photographs get sold for Rs 1500 each. And guess who passed on this information to him? Father-in-law Randhir Kapoor! Meanwhile, Sara just couldn't stop gushing about the blue-eyed boy's cuteness. Can't blame her though...


7.Kudos to Sara for admitting on national television about having PCOD - now that's a first for a celebrity.

In a candid and free flowing conversation, Sara was talking about being bigger than the size she is now. The Simmba revealed that her weight issues were because she has PCOD and had hormonal imbalance which made it difficult for her to lose the extra kilos. Take a bow, because we haven't heard any star get so honest with their body weight ever before!

8.The actress has studied in one of the Ivy League Colleges

Keeping up with the Pataudis ain't that easy. And Sara is not the one you want to presume for just a pretty face - the girl's got a degree from Columbia University, New York. She's a package!



10.Saif calls Soha Ali Khan and Sara the best secret keepers in the family

While Sara and Soha are excellent at it, Kareena is the worst he reveals. She can keep a secret but...well...

11.Akshay Kumar is the most competitive according to Saifu

And guess who would he approach for a relationship advice? Salman Khan. Vivek Oberoi was his pick for words of wisdom on career. Do we smell sarcasm?

12.Sara is ready to drop everything and work with Varun Dhawan

Tch, who wouldn't? The man's got a no-flop streak going on. Bet any budding talent would want to hang out in his camp!

13.But  she wants to date Kartik Aaryan

Charming as she comes, Sara makes a confession point blank that she wants to date Kartik Aaryan. Karan, the ultimate wingman, says that the actor would sure be happy to which the girl blushes and tells him to ask Kartik. Over to you, Sonu!

14.And marry Ranbir Kapoor!

Now that’s a difficult one to digest, given Ranbir’s relation with her step-mother, Kareena. The debutant, very firmly, replies that she wants to get married to the Kapoor scion. Aaila, Alia?

15.Sara on Kareena: She was always Poo

"I always looked up to her as an actress. She was always Poo, but then I have to tell myself she is now my father's wife," said Sara. She also reveals that Kareena has always told her that she doesn't want to be Sara's second mother but a friend.