Katrina Kaif, Varun Dhawan to brew Koffee With Karan: 5 revelations that guarantee fun tonight


Conversations, piping hot baked straight out of the oven, not always around conjectures but also pleasing the elephant in the room maketh Karan Johar-hosted Koffee With Karan the longest running celebrity chat show on Indian television. The filmmaker is very well aware that phoney bonhomie talks can be easily rehearsed, let alone sniffed out and confirmed by his audience. The reason why Johar chose to make rapid and fiery questions the basis of his koffee date with the stars. First episode of season six featured Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt and fell flat on our expectations. However, we will give to the full-blooded desi Punjabi boyz Ranveer Singh and Akshay Kumar for making up with their flamboyance and real AF camaraderie that preceded the anecdotes. Next came Aamir Khan – a perfectionist in every right – the revelations didn’t exactly raise our eyebrows but yes assured smiles from time to time. Hopefully, the next duo will bring in some fun with their riot of an appearance – big hopes pinned to and huge applause for Varun Dhawan and Katrina Kaif.

‘Stop making sense,’ announces a neon board at the very entrance of the opulent set. But only Varun and Katrina followed the instructions! In the promos doing rounds of the internet, VD and KK have opened a can of worms – many new, a few old. Whilst the episode certainly comes across as superior entertainment than compared to Khan’s, the unique way of giving a high-five introduced by Varun and Karan who do it with their legs, the inevitable Alia-Deepika-Katrina equation quiz and the ultimately famous these days ‘shaadi’ questions makes for a major portion of the talks exchanged.

Varun was the student. Katrina was the monitor of the class. Roles clarified early on.


Here are 5 highlights that guarantee that the episode will be pretty enthralling if not shocking!

Why Varun Made 'I Hate Katrina' Club


In the previous season when Katrina featured on the show alongside Anushka Sharma, the British beauty had mentioned that Varun and Arjun Kapoor had started 'I Hate Katrina' club. However, the real reason she only found when VD said it wasn't for her attention but Salman Khan's. “This is all about Salman’s attention. I have got this all wrong. I thought they had a hate club for me since I didn’t give them attention,” exclaimed a surprised Kaif.

Katrina's Idea of Love


Katrina was in a steady relationship with actor Ranbir Kapoor for a long long time until the couple called it quits. Naturally, she is very much in a position to dole out a love advice. And boy, she did! "You somehow always judge yourself based on how much love or attention you're getting from your partner. Your relationship suffers just a little bit, and your self-esteem and your image take a beating, which is not a good thing," said Kaif.

Sharing her personal interpretation of love, Katrina said: "When neither of you need each other, when there's no great dependency on the other person. There's just admiration, there's respect, there's companionship and there's a space of ease between you."

The Marriage Question


In the rapid fire round, Karan asks Varun what questions he would like to ask the following - Alia, Ranveer and Salman. His common reply was 'when are they getting married?' Moreover, KJo further prodded if he'd like Katrina to marry Salman. Now that's the question we want to hear an answer to!

Katrina on her equation with Alia, Deepika

Ever since Alia Bhatt started dating Ranbir Kapoor, her equation with Kapoor's ex and close friend Katrina sent alarms ringing across the industry. Addressing the same, Kaif asserted on the show that she shares a one-on-one bond with Bhatt. “There is a lot of enjoyment and comfort when Alia and I are together,” she said adding that sometimes they both and Deepika work out in Yasmin Karachiwala's gym at the same time which keeps their bond strong. The gym part was confirmed by both Bhatt and Padukone during their appearance too.

Katrina is a walking, talking kleptomaniac

Given the poised and composed personality she is, it came as a shock when Karan calls Katrina a 'walking, talking kleptomaniac.' Kaif's BFFs Mini Mathur and Yasmin were also invited to the episode who reveal that if Kat likes something, consider it going home with her. A tabloid suggests that the Tiger Zinda Hai star has 'borrowed' earrings from Mini and work-out clothes from Karachiwala. Joining them was KJo who quipped that the actress once 'just took my glres away.' “Katrina is a walking, talking Kleptomaniac. She doesn’t shop at stores, she shops off people,” the filmmaker was quoted as saying by a leading tabloid.

Three episodes into the sixth season of Karan Johar-hosted Koffee With Karan, and only one has impressed us so far. Will Varun and Katrina break the bar set by Ranveer and Akshay? Tune into Star World and Hotstar tonight at 9 pm to find out.