Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh on Koffee With Karan: 15 revelations made by the desi boyz


Make some noise for the desi boyz...or "Mama's boys" as Karan Johar introduced his guests for the second episode of Koffee With Karan - Season 6. Little did the filmmaker-host had imagined that these superstars come with a whole lotta swag, unfiltered and unkempt, flowing all over to the backrest of his coveted couch. Soon after the fancy greet note for the superstar of the 90s and the product of the 90s, Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh hopped straight onto the sofa wasting, not a second more. In that very moment, Akki and Ranveer had very established that this was the deal-breaker episode, and certainly won't oblige with some regular discreet and disclosed answers to the rapidly asked fiery questions!
Ranveer couldn't stop gushing about his love and respect for Khiladi Kumar whereas the latter reiterated time and again that RS is his 'mini me.' This 'koffee' date was brewed to entertainment perfection with some krazy and komedy in rotation, throughout the prime time television hour. Before we proceed may we present a bow to Karan Johar for managing and delivering a couch coup of the year because it doesn't get better than two superstars of the same energy and charisma share the room, let alone grill the host for a change.
Here are 15 revelations made by both Akshay and Ranveer that made the episode for an engaging watch. Scroll ahead, you won't regret it, we bet!
  1. Ranveer revealed that he accepts hand-me-downs from Karan who buys clothes even the Padmaavat star can't afford. As much as we'd like to disagree on the latter part, we echo Johar when he mentions 'who else will wear such clothes?' referring to his outlandish and quirky picks. Moreover, KJo gifted RS a funky tracksuit worth Rs 3.5 lakhs on his birthday two years ago. My, my...

2. Recalling his first meeting with Akshay Kumar on the sets of his film Keemat, Ranveer revealed how he almost got kicked out because Raveena Tandon got irritated and then Akki walked in saying, "I like your haircut."


3. A hilarious co-incidence was brought to our attention by Akshay when he mentioned that both him and Ranveer have done an 'Undie Dance' in their ninth respective film - Akki in Suhaag and Singh in Befikre. 

4. In a rapid-fire round, Ranveer was asked to pick between girlfriend Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt as his next co-star. In a typical way, the actor won it by suggesting there can be a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 2 starring him, Deepika and Alia whereas Ranbir Kapoor can make a special appearance reprising Salman Khan's role.

5. Akshay's trainer Jennifer reveals that the Punjabi man can never give up sweets. Moreover, she asserted that his energy is that as a 51-year-old child with the energy of a 12-year-old in a candy store. Couldn't agree more!

6. Ranveer Singh admits to infidelity. "I have never cheated on my full girlfriends, I have cheated on my half girlfriends." We will leave it at that.

7. Besides wife Twinkle Khanna, Akshay finds Ranveer's GF Deepika Padukone very hot amongst those in the industry today. Good one, Mr. Kumar!

8. This one's a bummer. Ranveer was asked which actor's story he will never believe, 'Sara (Sara Ali Khan)' came the prompt reply. "She dhaaps a lot," said the actor who will feature alongside her in Simmba. We will have to wait to find that one out though!

9. Ranveer confessed (on national television, mind you) that he got 'excited' during the narration of Takht, the scene between Hira Bai and Aurangzeb. "Narration me fulleshwari." Karan was as stumped as us.

10. When asked to suggest a Twitter bio for Ranbir, Ranveer remarked, "I have many talents even outside the bedroom," while settled for "gold standard of Punjabi genetics" for Sidharth Malhotra. Interesting, eh.

11. If we were to revisit a PDA moment it would be when Ranveer called Deepika his 'hummingbird' and dedicated 'Sweet child o mine' by Guns n' Roses to his boo.

12. Ditching the superstar Khan trio, Singh settled to work with Taimur Ali Khan when he becomes an actor. He intends to play his father's role while Tim will be his budhapa ka sahara. Can't wait to catch this one!

13. Akshay, on the other hand, prefers Salman Khan out of the three Khans in the industry. Are we surprised?

14. Three qualities that Khiladi Kumar would like to pass down to his children include honesty, disciplined life and time management.

15. Quizzed about why Arjun Kapoor would have to leave a party abruptly, Ranveer said he must have got a booty call and must be getting laid. Woho, the Gunday boys are up for all things wild!


With these revelations and fun-filled moments sprinkled gently all over the episode, Ranveer and Akshay surely brought the house down with their antics. Albeit there were some non-committal answers, their absolutely unabashed and unfiltered sense of humour made up for the lack of everything. Meanwhile, we are hooting for the killer suit Singh wore on the show for the Best Dressed category. Any suggestions, anyone? Guessed so. The koffee is now over.