Kundali Bhagya written update, February 11, 2019: Sophie says she is pregnant with Karan's baby


The episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Monisha and Karan are all set to get married but a girl named Sophie walks in and stops their marriage. Sophie tells everyone that the wedding is not possible as Karan loves her and she loves him too. Preeta and others get shocked. Monisha and Sophie fight. Rakhi interrupts them and asks them to stop fighting. Sophie asks Karan to reveal the truth and Karan is unable to understand.

She tells everyone that she is pregnant and the father of the baby is Karan. Sherlyn doubts Billa. Billa gets scared thinking about the consequences if Sherlyn finds him. Billa takes out a knife to kill her but Sherlyn goes away. Karan tries to tell everyone that Sophie is not pregnant with his baby. Karan gets angry at Sophie. She then shows medical reports about her pregnancy and tells everyone that Karan is the father. She shows them the papers too. Rishabh checks the proofs and gets tensed seeing Karan’s signature on the papers.

Rakhi slaps Karan. Monisha and Sophie start fighting for Karan. Srishty and Preeta tell Rakhi that it is their plan to stop Karan and Monisha's marriage. They say that Sophie is only helping them to stop the wedding. Preeta and Rishabh tell Rakhi that they got a fake report made to save Karan.