Kundali Bhagya written update, January 22, 2019: Karan-Preeta reach the accident location


The pisode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Prithvi trying to look out for Billa’s phone in the truck and Sherlyn waits for him. Prithvi is unable to find the phone and Sherlyn hears the sound of the car coming towards the truck and runs towards her car. Prithvi manages to slip away and hides in a box.
Karan and Preeta reach the accident spot and rush towards the truck. Both start searching for Billa’s phone and Prithvi and Sherlyn think how to distract Karan and Preeta so that Prithvi can escape. Sherlyn tries to hit a vendor and tries to distract them and Prithvi runs towards his car.
Srishti comes home back from jail stint with Sameer. Dadi and Rakhi get happy. Sarla gets worried for her daughters. Kareena blocks her way and does not allow her to get in the house. Sarla gets into an argument with Kareena and both start fighting.
Kareena lashes out at Sarla and tells Sarla that police had put Srishti into jail because of her behaviour towards Billa. Sarla gets angry on Srishti and scolds her.