PeepingMoon 2022: Vijay Varma's diabolic play in Darlings, Kartik Aaryan's scary Freddy, Babil Khan's subtlety in Qala & Vicky 'Govinda' Kaushal's comic timing, actors who took audience by surprise in web films

2022 was a bittersweet year for Indian cinema. While theatres returned to normalcy and films continued to flourish at the box office, the digital space also gave some memorable and entertaining content to enjoy with families. Veteran superstars and promising youngsters ruled the space with quality work and successful experiments. 

From Vijay Varma's menacing act as an abusive husband to Shreyas Talpade bringing the story of Pravin Tambe to celluloid, we saw a range of brilliant performances by actors in web films. While Kartik Aaryan transformed into Freddy effortlessly, Vicky Kaushal experimented with comedy in Govinda Naam Mera. And all of that worked! 

As we end the year, let's take out a moment to appreciate phenomenal performances by our male actors in films released on various streaming platforms over these 12 months.

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Rishi Kapoor-Sharmaji Namkeen

Sharmaji Namkeen marked Rishi Kapoor's return to cinema after his cancer treatment. Unfortunately, it became his last film too. The veteran actor couldn't complete the shooting of Sharmaji Namkeen but left behind an indelible mark with the portions he could film amid his deteriorating health. He played the role of a retired man who takes up the job of catering post-retirement to keep himself busy. Rishi was simply endearing and lovable. Words fail to describe his talent. 

Shreyas Talpade- Kaun Pravin Tambe

Shreyas Talpade played the titular role in Kaun Pravin Tambe. The film was based on a real-life story of a cricketer who made his debut in his late 40s. The actor did justice to the role and impressed fans with his performance. 

Abhishek Bachchan-Dasvi

Abhishek Bachchan is an underrated actor and there isn't any doubt about that. With Dasvi, he proved it once again that all he needs is a meaty character and a strong story to showcase his acting prowess. In the film, he played the role of a corrupt politician who went on to clear his standard 10 exams while serving his tenure in jail. 

Vijay Varma-Darlings 

If you've loved Darlings and did not hate Vijay Varma's Hamza, then you are living in a different world. The actor, sinking deep into the character's skin, delivered a dark, mean and menacing performance as Alia Bhatt's on-screen abusive husband. His Mumbaiyya dialect, body language and expressive eyes were perfect add-ons to his spellbinding act. 

Diljit Dosanjh-Jogi

Diljit Dosanjh is a phenomenal actor and he doesn't need any introduction. In Jogi, he played the titular role with aplomb. He carried the film on his shoulders right from the first frame. Be it silence or expressing through eyes, his work spoke volumes about his brilliance. 

Ritwik Bhowmik-Maja Ma

Ritwik Bhowmik is an actor to look forward to. As Tejas Patel, he effortlessly added shades of grey to his character without crossing the line that divides white and black. He played Madhuri Dixit's son. Ritwik made sure every person could relate to him and resonate with the emotions he went through after learning about his mother's sexual orientation. 

Rajkummar Rao-Monica, O My Darling

Rajkummar Rao hit the bull's eye once again with Monica, O My Darling. Be it straight-faced humour or emoting the sentiments of a first-time murderer, the actor was in his top form throughout. When it's Rajkummar, nothing can go wrong! 

Babil Khan-Qala

Babil Khan made his acting debut in Qala and showed immense promise with his subtle performance and instantly addictive on-screen presence. Owning Jagan, the young actor left behind a lasting impression. Even when his dialogues were minimum, Babil expressed and spoke through his body language and deep eyes. 


Kartik Aaryan-Freddy

Kartik Aaryan delivered his career-best performance as Freddy. With Freddy, Kartik once again proved why he is the new-age superstar. Shedding his urban and flamboyant personality, he gracefully embraced Dr. Freddy's mannerisms and thought processes. 

Abhilash Thapliyal- Blurr

Abhilash Thapliyal was a revelation in Blurr. He played the role of Deepak, the antagonist, and stole the show with his menacing act. Be it his expressions or body language, the actor nailed it with an honest performance.

Vicky Kaushal-Govinda Naam Mera

Getting into the skin of Govinda, Vicky Kaushal projected the character’s helplessness, smartness and swag with ease. After a point, you will find yourself rooting for Govinda as he makes his way out of the maze of problems. 

Keep up the quality work and we cannot wait to see what unfolds in 2023!