The Young and The Single: Will love come calling for Ranbir, Priyanka, Alia?


It hasn’t been a great year for these singletons at the love stakes. Love, however, could be lurking just around the corner for these gorgeous singletons in the New Year. They sure deserve it!

Katrina won’t chase love

The Tiger Zinda Hai beauty has still been recovering from her shock break-up with Ranbir in January 2016. While her renewed closeness with Salman Khan did look like the two were rekindling their past relationship, it was apparently simply a deep friendship and mutual respect between the two – Salman remains committed to his gorgeous girlfriend, Iulia Vantur. Kat has opened up about the lack of a special someone in her life saying, “Love is the most beautiful thing in life and it brings a lot of peace in your heart. It’s almost as if love feeds your soul. But you can find love in different places, different forms, and at different stages of life. It doesn’t always need to come from a person. Being in a relationship will happen at the right time, in the right space.” Claiming she had zero regrets about the past, she also added, “I hope it all comes organically. I’ll not chase anything.”


Priyanka waits for the ring before she tells the world

This savvy international star has mastered the knack of keeping her personal life completely discreet. She has laughingly suggested that she just could be in a relationship but might not be seen with her lover “because I am travelling.” When it comes to her own relationship, she revealed, “When there is a ring on my finger, which is actually given to me, then I'll tell the world. Till then no one can claim me.” Recently while sharing her happiness at Anushka Sharma’s marriage and Meghan Markle’s engagement, she stated, “Marriage is not something that can be planned. If I find somebody, somebody suitable I will tie the knot; have not found a suitable guy yet… Marriage is definitely on the cards, but will happen when the time is right. If I do decide to take the plunge, it would be with someone who understands and supports that. At the end of the day, two people make a relationship work. It will take an understanding and prioritization from both.” Now where are those perfect men when you need them!

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The ice might thaw for Alia

Alia had been linked on and off with Sidharth Malhotra ever since their debut together in Student of the Year in 2012. However, despite umpteen holidays, joint entrances at parties, and cosy dinners a deux, she never really confirmed their relationship status. Which is why now, as they have allegedly parted ways for good, she isn’t obliged to come out and confirm the break-up rumours either! It was irreconcilable differences that supposedly led them to call time on their relationship and neither is in any mood to discuss the details with the world. These exes are currently holidaying in different parts of the world this New Year… but die-hard fans are wondering if the ice will thaw later in the year. Some habits are real hard to break!

Hrithik concentrates on playing good daddy

Early this year, when Hrithik Roshan had suffered a foot injury he was largely home-bound. That’s the time he was visited by good friends like Kunal Kapoor, Goldie Behl, Abhishek and Shweta Bachchan. Soon nameless articles started to circulate about his developing friendship with his ‘childhood friend’, Shweta. The two were apparently often spotted together in a group at parties, high-end restaurants and at private screenings of films, even as they steered clear of the paps. However this budding friendship was nipped in the bud with the ugly and unending fracas between Hrithik and Kangana hitting the headlines. He spent the rest of the year keeping a low profile, only being spotted when taking off on family holidays with Sussanne and his boys.

Sidharth finds a new interest!

Now that Sid is apparently single and free to mingle again, he might just pick up the strings of his friendship with the lovely Jacqueline Fernandez once again. It was his rumoured closeness to his A Gentleman co-star that had created friction between him and Alia. However, all parties concerned went out of their way to demolish the rumours as pure fiction. “It's sad that going out for meals and chilling together has such connotations in this universe. Apparently, comfort between co-stars is suggestive of something more than a good working rapport. People in show business aren't given the leeway to be normal,” Sid had then grumbled. However, a fresh new chapter might be on the verge of opening now what with the hunky star hitting it off fabulously with the lovely Sara Ali Khan! The two engaged in non-stop banter at the Virushka reception, and whether a new film pairing or a romance, something definitely appears to be cooking!

Mommy steps in to tame Ranbir Kapoor

Clever Ranbir claimed he was single and hung out mainly with his Brahmastra director Ayan Mukerji. But then he went and got papped in New York, sharing a street-side smoke with Pakistani hottie, Mahira Khan and all hell broke loose! Even as Mahira faced a deluge of completely unjustified slut-shaming, RK’s dad Rishi rose to defend him from the vicious trolls, saying, “You see, Ranbir is a young star, he is unmarried, he’s a bachelor. He can meet anybody he wants to, and if people are going to invade in his privacy, it’s not done.” However, this little liaison with the sensational single mom appeared to spook his own protective mommy Neetu and next we heard, she had whisked off sonny boy to London for a hush-hush meeting with a suitable girl from a dignified and wealthy clan. All this marriage talk is understandably not to the bloke’s liking. During a recent Twitter chat, when asked about his marriage plans he curtly retorted, “Pehle ladki dhoond [First, find a girl].”

Kangana won’t mix work with pleasure

This most engaging talker dished out her truths on a range of uncomfortable topics – all, we can safely presume, a result of personal experience… “When men face rejection they do get bitter about it and then the work environment becomes difficult. And if you end up sleeping with colleagues then it gets more complicated. The mating game is the same everywhere,” she maintained. She also spoke about how you tend to believe the sob story of a married man when you are young. However, as long as she continues to feel that “being in love is an addictive emotion, it's a dizzy headed feeling,” we predict this girl could well open her heart to love sooner rather than later. And hopefully she will also choose wiser this time around!