Inspiring: How Sonam, Fawad are beating diabetes…


Maybe there is a hidden meaning behind why Children’s Day in India and World Diabetes Day both coincide on November 14 – let's feed our kids fewer sweets or else pay the price! Jokes apart, World Diabetes Day emerged as a response to increasing concerns about the health risks posed by diabetes. Created in 1991 by IDF and the World Health Organisation, it helps draw attention and increase awareness regarding this condition. It also sends a positive message that diabetes mellitus can be controlled and needn’t come in the way of leading a full and fruitful life. Our very own filmland celebrities are proof of this fact…

Sonam Kapoor

Diagnosed with diabetes as a teenager, it was most likely Sonam’s childhood obesity which led to her developing the condition. A strict diet regimen, regular workout sessions that include jogging, power yoga, Pilates and weight training, combined with antidiabetic medication and daily insulin injections, help Sonam to function normally and live healthy.

Kamal Haasan

Detected with Type-1 diabetes, Kamal used his condition to spread awareness among lay people who are at risk. An ambassador of the cause, he encourages fellow diabetics to put in the efforts it requires to live a better life. He himself leads a discipline life, staying away from alcohol and dairy products, and practising yoga regularly.

Sudha Chandran

Sudha Chandran’s story is a tale of immense strength and fortitude. She is popular as the Indian classical dancer and actress who, despite losing a leg in an accident at 16, went on to achieve great heights with a prosthetic leg. Her inspiring life story was portrayed in Nache Mayuri. Less well known is the fact that Sudha also suffered from diabetes, which she fought to bring under control with medication and a transformed lifestyle. Sudha also works to increase awareness about the condition.

Gaurav Kapur

The adorable former Channel V VJ and IPL host was just 22 when he was detected with Type 1 diabetes. Gaurav believes it was his irregular eating habits, combined with stress and constant travelling that was the reason he contracted diabetes. Today, he makes sure he follows a strict diet, avoids alcohol and practices yoga to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Fawad Khan

The gorgeous actor who debuted in Hindi films with Khoobsurat, and went on to wow us in Kapoor & Sons and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was just 17. Fawad blames his condition on his smoking habit. Apparently, he and his friends would repeatedly sneak smokes behind the swimming pool. Once, when he had hurt himself and continued swimming, he contracted an infection and was diagnosed with diabetes. Now, he treads extremely cautiously, following a healthy lifestyle and a vegetarian diet.