Fanatic Love: Varun Dhawan is not the first celebrity to be stalked…


The line that separates a fan from an obsessive fanatic is a fine one. Varun Dhawan has been at the receiving end of this extreme infatuation. The actor has filed a complaint with the Santa Cruz police in response to a woman who has been stalking him on social media. The woman has apparently also been shooting off constant messages via WhatsApp, which led to the star blocking her number. However, the matter didn’t end there. The actor soon received a call from an unknown number, wherein a threat was delivered that the woman would commit suicide if he did not reply to her WhatsApp messages. The actor was left with no recourse but to seek the help of the police before matters got completely out of hand. He has also registered a complaint with the Cyber Police at Bandra Kurla Complex. As of now, things seem under control, as the phone number has been found to be switched off ever since the call was made.

Our celebrities are no strangers to the dark and obsessive side of star worship. Time and again, they fall prey to fans who don’t know where to draw the line…

Bangles for Priyanka Chopra

The actress was fortunately away in Barcelona, when a 25-year-old fan was caught moving suspiciously around her building. Further investigation revealed that he was carrying sweets, bangles and flowers for his favourite actress. Not so innocent when you consider that he wanted to meet her anyhow and deliver his gifts in person…

Marry or die – Sushmita Sen was threatened

It is not uncommon for devoted fans to send across tokens of their love to their favourite stars…Which is why when gifts started coming in regularly from an anonymous fan, Sushmita Sen thought nothing of it. Realisation dawned that she was dealing with a crazed personality when a bridal dress and wedding accessories started to arrive in the mail! She had to file a police complaint when this was followed by abusive letters and threats to marry the fan – or else face death.

Katrina Kaif stalked for nine whole months

Nine months is a long time to deal with fear; that’s just how long Katrina was stalked by a crazed fan. He would follow her everywhere, wait outside her residential building, and even tried to enter a promotional event where she was present. Inexplicably, the harassment later stopped, despite Katrina not filing a complaint.

John Abraham’s secret admirer

A male fan took his devotion to the hunky John Abraham to extreme levels. Besides bombarding the actor with constant calls on his landline, he would even call up the actor’s parents in a bid to connect with the object of his devotion. It reached a stage where John was left with no option but to sign a police complaint against his stalker.

There have been many such incidents, but the question far will a FAN go in the name of love and stalking!