PeepingMoon 2019: Bottega Veneta's 'noodle heels' to Jacquemus's 'tiny' bag, the weirdest of fashion trends that existed in 2019!


What a year it has been! As we count down the hours and minutes to 2020, we are also reminiscing all that 2019 had to offer. From the best of sartorial drama to the weirdest of trends, truly, a lot happened this year! 

Talking of weird trends, we saw a lot absurd fashion fads that made us look twice...and not in the best way! While some made us cringe, some simply made us laugh at the horror! brings to you a list of all the out-of-the-box trends that we saw this year: 

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Bottega Veneta's noodle heels

Bottega Veneta's Pre-Fall 2020 introduced us to these ramen heels and the internet is in splits about it! Why would one want to wear something edible on their feet is simply absurd, but so is couture! Going by the price range of the brand's shoe collection, this delish pair of heels may cost you somewhere around a whopping amount of Rs 1 lakh! Too much for just ramen, innit? 

Cut-out ensembles



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Weird cuts? Bring them all in! Viktor and Rolf's 'Cutting Edge Couture' gave us a taste of this trend. But that was still okay as it was couture.



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Soon after, Ludovic de Saint Sernin's Summer 2020 collection saw weird panel cuts on regular tees and we think there isn't an end to this! *SMH*



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If these weren't enough, we got the armpit cuts and the dog-nose dress too! Is this weird enough for you? We thought so! 

Weird headgears



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Talk about OTT! In the name of Fashion Week and couture, many designers went all out with their accessories and mainly, the headgears! 



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From flowers and wigs to some really intense structures, we saw a lot of variety at the runway. 



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Billie Eilish was also inspired, we see! All in the name of fashion! 

Alexander McQueen's 10-inch stilettos

High-heels add the drama to your outfits. But what if the heels in itself were utterly dramatic? McQueen's 10-inch heels do the trick! As painful and OTT it sounds, these are the most dramatic and uncomfortable of trends that we've come across this year. Wouldn't you agree? 

Balenciaga platform crocs



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Crocs have always left the audience in splits because of their low sartorial element. But Balenciaga worked against it and got platform crocs in vogue with their collection at the runway. Okay, what's left now? There is no end to this madness! 

Food clutches



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Food clutches were the 'IT' thing this year. From donuts to fries we saw it all! 



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There's also a pizza clutch...who wouldn't want a slice of that? 



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Talk about treats! 

Balenciaga's car-mat skirts



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Balenciaga does it again! Best at absurd fashion, the label invented car-mat skirts and we are definitely not a game to this party! Would you just look at that?

Good old jeans? Nope! 

Gone are the days when regular jeans and distressed denim made headlines. 

Meat knees and thigh-high boots are the next big thing currently.

Muddy denim is another absurd trend we saw this year. And although it makes absolutely no sense to us, it's all for fashion! What are your thoughts? 

The Jacquemus Bag!



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Jacquemus's teeny-weeny bag grabbed the most attention this year.



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Fashionistas around the globe embraced this trend with open arms while some brands tried to give their take on the same. 



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Low on utility but high on vogue, this bag was a major hit and is definitely here to stay!

Crop tops for men



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Ludovic de Saint Sernin popularized another trend in men's fashion- crop tops! 



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From models to influencers, this trend garnered a lot of positive attention and honestly, we are not too ecstatic about it! 



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Can we stop, please?

Condom dress

Asos released this dress that looks like a condom and the sign of it alone looks painful! 

We also saw the condom bodysuit, that fit like a second skin and we simply beg to the Gods of fashion to stop with this atrocity! Wouldn't you agree? 

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