PeepingMoon 2019: Nose hair-extensions to wiggly eyebrows, 10 nonsensical beauty trends that we need to leave behind in 2019


2019 saw a hearty mix of trends! From great beauty trends to the most absurd ones, netizens were involved in a lot of beauty fads and challenges this year. 

From the #100layers challenge to the wiggly eyebrows and devil lips, most of there trends made us cringe in horror. While the dramatic lashes trend was fairly okay, they went OTT with the curly and extra-long eyelashes. 

Well, all in all, here are all the absurd and nonsensical trends that made it big in 2019 but need to stop! 

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Bratz Doll Challenge



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The power of the internet turns anything into a blasting trend! The infancy of 2019 saw a very nostalgic and weird trend- the Bratz Doll Challenge! 



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Many beauty enthusiasts, including many influencers, indulged in this forsaken challenge and groomed themselves like a bratz doll. Some even posted pictures to compare... a little too much, innit? 



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Some did a good job while some just made us cringe. Nevertheless, this needs to stop, wouldn't you agree? 

Dramatic Eyelashes 

The advent of fake lashes and lash-extensions is a crazy obsession, in all honesty! While heavy and colorful lashes were still tolerable, the current lash trends are simply way too dramatic!



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Be it printed lashes or the ones with studs and feathers, we cannot imagine how uncomfortable this trend must really be. 

If that wasn't enough, the curly lashes trend and extra-long eyelashes also made an appearance on the list of absurd trends and we just cannot handle these anymore! Geez, get a grip internet!

Sunburn Tattoo



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Thinking of a rather subtle but creative way to flaunt how amazing your beach vacation was? Try the 'Sunburn Tattoo' trend! 



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No, we're not making this up and yes, it genuinely exists! The trick is to stick on your fav sticker or design before hitting the beach. 



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Gosh, how bored is the internet? STAPH THIS! 

Nose Hair Extensions



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Yuck! Ew! Gross! We cannot stress how icky this trend really is! 



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This came into play after the whole 'body hair is totally normal' movement that happened, promoting body inclusivity. But hey, this is taking it a bit too far, innit? 



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100 layers challenge



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100 layers of everything- that in itself sounds like a weird thing to do? 



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Nailpaint, socks, lipstick...even talc! 



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Why would one do this? Well, no reason, just because. Period. 


Rainbow Hair



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Rainbow hair color became a great deal this year. From going all bonkers to only getting a strip of VIBGYOR, we saw a lot of versions of this trend. 



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While the colors do look aesthetically pleasing, we'd rather not promote one to damage their hair to such a great extent just for the sake of a weird trend! 



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So long, rainbow hair. You were lovely. 

Slap Yourself!

Yeah, that happened! A part of a Korean beauty regime, slapping yourself boosts blood circulation, making your skin look fresh and rejuvenated. 

Korean beauty enthusiasts posted about this trend and soon it spread like wildfire around the globe. What are your thoughts, would you try it? 

Weird nail-arts! 



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We really have nothing to say, except for 'Major Cringe'! Just have a look: 



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Wiggly Eyebrows



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Another weird trend, we don't understand why one would even try something like this. 



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Giving a rather 'trippy' feel to the whole glam routine, wiggly eyebrows were a major hit amongst a lot of beauty influencers too. 



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Can we please leave this in 2019? Thanks. 

Devil Lips



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Emerged just recently, this trend has come out of nowhere and taken over the internet. 



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While some simply use cosmetics to try this, some of the netizens used lip fillers to attain this. 



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Taking a step too far, aren't we now? 


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