Robert De Niro announces 7th child in his real life, talks about his reel-life son Sebastian Maniscalco in About My Father

Join the Italian Stallion for the comedy ride of a lifetime! Welcoming his 7th child, Robert De Niro sure knows a thing or two about being a father. But when a classy Italian meets an uninhibited American, there's bound to be a clash of cultures. In the iconic ‘De Niro’ fashion, Lionsgate’s About My Father, releasing in theaters on 26th May, will provide a relatable yet comedic experience. Joined by Sebastian Maniscalco, who plays his son, De Niro talks about what drew him to About My Father.

Talking about the film and his reel life son, Robert De Niro said, “I knew Sebastian, of course. Not well, but I have worked with him a little bit; had seen a couple of his shows, and worked on the ‘Irishman’ with him. So, we had a reading and then after that, I pretty much was like ‘let's do it - just had to find the time and when to do it.’” He further spoke about the script, “I liked it ,and saw that the script had a personal element from Sebastian's experience, obviously. And, after getting to know Laura Terruso a little bit, I realized her background; she was from Brooklyn, Italian-American - they both (Sebastian and Laura) knew the world (from the movie standpoint), and they are from the world. This was important as far as how this was to be done, and whatever support I need, I got it from them - they know what they are doing, and that was an important part of it.”

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Standup comedian and actor Sebastian Maniscalco, who plays De Niro’s son in the movie, said, “The film is about two different families, from very different socio-economic backgrounds, colliding during a holiday weekend, before they realize that those differences are what make them unique.” Sebastian’s character is carrying surprisingly little cultural baggage, and “is more open to different kinds of lifestyles and people,” Maniscalco notes. “But Salvo is set in his ways, so Sebastian is caught between these two worlds. My character’s goal is to navigate through those differences and somehow bring the two families together.

Helmed by Laura Terruso and written by Austen Earl and Sebastian Maniscalco, the movie will be released by Lionsgate and PVRINOX Pictures. Get your weekend plans in place as Lionsgate’s About My Father hits theaters on 26th May 2023