Johnny Depp alleges ex-wife Amber Heard threw a punch at him the night he learned he lost $650 million


Johnny Depp concluded five days of testimony in his libel case against Britain’s Sun newspaper on Monday. However, the case is getting uglier by the minute as new evidence in Depp’s and Heard’s troubled marital life crops up. Now, Depp has claimed that Heard had thrown a ‘haymaker’ punch at him on the night he found out he had lost $650 million. Depp is suing the newspaper for labelling him as a ‘wife beater’ in a 2018 article.

The Court has heard evidence from the paper’s lawyer that Depp had attacked his former wife on at least 14 instances over three years from 2013. They cited that the actor did this under the influence of alcohol and drugs and spurred on by jealousy. Heard said that the actor by his own account would become ‘the monster’ and hit her in a fit of rage. Previously, Depp’s conversations with his aide about procuring drugs and ecstacy for him were submitted in the court.

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However, Depp has rejected all such allegations and has instead said that she was the one who had attacked him after her 30th birthday party in 2016 which he had been late to as he was in a meeting with his business advisors. He said that he was told his previous managers had lost him of $650 million that he had made from films and that he owed $100 million in taxes as he has not paid them for 17 years. He told the court that Heard accused him of making her look foolish in front of her friends and attacked him with a punch as he was reading in bed.

Depp claimed that what he believed Heard was saying was a ‘reverse confession’. He said, “It seemed everything she accused me of was something she had done to me.” Heard and Depp first met in 2011 when they worked together on the film The Rum Diary and married in 2015. However, Heard filed for divorce 15 months later claiming Depp had abused her and the divorce was finalised the following year. Heard had submitted several pictures of herself in court with injuries that she claimed was inflicted by Depp. Sasha Wass, the Sun’s lawyer said the photos were taken to show Depp when he became sober. However, Depp denied ever having seen them.

Depp’s assistant Stephen Deuters was asked by the court for a text he sent to Heard the day after she says the actor kicked her in a drunken rage on a private jet. Deuters wrote in the text, “When I told him he kicked you, he cried.” Deuters told the court that Depp had only playfully tapped her on her bottom with his foot and said that he never saw Depp being violent towards Heard. However, Judge Andrew Nicol was told that Depp had headbutted, slapped, kicked, threatened and thrown bottles at Heard during the time they were married. On the other hand, Depp had previously recounted that Heard had severed the tip of his finger when she threw a vodka bottle at him. He had used his injured finger to scrawl messages across the house using his blood as paint. He negated the claims that he punched Heard after a few weeks of this incident as he had a cast on his hand.

Heard will be giving evidence on Friday and the trial is expected to last three weeks.

(Source: Reuters)