Kanye West announces his bid for US Presidency, Twitter begins a sexist troll fest on Kim Kardashian being the First Lady


Rapper Kanye West, on Sunday, on Twitter, announced his bid for President of the United States. Taking all by surprise, his decision was supported by billionaire Elon Musk. Now, a day later, as people are yet to be convinced that he will be running for US Presidency in 2020, Twitter exploded with sexism memes on his wife Kim Kardashian. Soon after the tweet went viral, Netizens were left wondering that she will become the First Lady if Kanye is elected as the President.

While Kanye's bid for Presidency has nothing to do with Kim, Twitter users were quick to troll her as if she was responsible for the announcement. The troll game although began with jokes, it took no time for them to become sexist and slut-shaming ones. 


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Apart from this, a few couldn't stop shaming Melania Trump. "Melania would like to remind you that Kim Kardashian would be the SECOND First Lady to have done porn," a Twitter user wrote. In the past, the present First Lady and Donald Trump's wife Melania was heavily trolled and maligned on social media for her acting career.


As per reports, Kanye in 2016 had hinted that he would run for the presidency. Post that Barack Obama said, "In case Kanye's serious about this whole POTUS thing, or as he calls it, Peezy, I do have advice for him. You've got to deal with strange characters who behave as if they are on a reality TV show. So you've got to be cool with that." 

(Source: Twitter)