Model Chrissy Teigen hopes not to relive COVID-19 quarantine through future TV shows

Model Chrissy Teigen said she hopes her favorite TV shows don't make her relive the experience of being in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. Teigen, who is married to musician John Legend, wrote on Twitter, "One thing I hope doesn't happen is all our reality shows airing themselves in quarantine when this is all over and better. Like the next season of housewives being them in quarantine. I don't wanna live all this over again."

She has remained active on social media during her time in lockdown, recently saying she loves listening to "murder podcasts", reported She also said that she struggles to sleep without listening to a crime story before she goes to bed.


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"None of my favorite murder podcasts are updating and I can't sleep without their terror. I don't really like murder podcast commentary shows :( I like just hearing the story end the calls. You can tell me your favorite but I promise I've tried it and I just don't like the silly giggling"

Teigen shared that she likes Casefile, Dateline, Sword and Scale, Dr. Death, To Live and Die in LA, The Thing About Pam on murder podcast. "The first 3 are single episode stories but the others are fantastic podcast series," she tweeted.

Prior to that, Teigen said she's been feeling a little "emotional" due to the coronavirus pandemic.