'Survive' trailer: Sophie Turner as a depressed woman Jane battle wolves and an Avalanche in the this Quibi show


The trailer of Quibi’s upcoming drama Survive has been released today and it features Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins as a pair of strangers who survive a plane crash together and get trapped in the mountains. 

The trailer begins by giving an insight into Sophie's character Jane, a lost and depressed woman who leaves an  extended stay at a recovery home to board a flight. The first few shots show her inner-turmoil and how she has been struggling with self-harm and possibly addiction. She boards the plane but has no intention to go home but instead, wants to end her life. However, things take a new turn when the flight crashes and the only surviving ones are her and Corey's character Paul. 

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What follows is a slew of action-packed scenes, including a wolf attack and a massive avalanche. And it would rather be interesting to see how a depressed woman fighting her inner demons will try to cope up with her rescue task of going downhill from a snow-capped mountain. 

Watch the trailer:


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Survive will debut on April 6 on the new streaming platform.

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