Zayn Malik’s fans think his bald look is a ‘clear state of depression’, the singer clears the air


Zayn Malik recently went bald that sent the social media in a tizzy. The singer’s fans did not like his new look and many thought that it was a ‘clear state of depression’ after breaking up with girlfriend Gigi Hadid. Zayn, who parted ways with the Boy band One Direction to go solo in his singing career finally revealed the real reason behind his going bald.

In an interview on a leading British news channel, Zayn revealed that the real reason for going bald was not depression but excessive bleaching. Zayn revealed that how due to excessive bleaching on his head has caused the quality of his hair to degrade gradually. He said that he shaved off his head so that his hair can grow again from the roots in the scalp and come naturally.


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Zayn reassured his fans that since his hair has faster growth, it wouldn’t be long until he sports a new hairdo. Zayn was also criticized for missing his younger sister Safaa Malik’s wedding recently. Zayn’s mother Trisha Malik had shared adorable pictures sans the singer from his sister’s nuptials on Instagram.

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