Actresses Michelle Williams and Eva Longoria open up about workplace culture after Me Too movement


Actress Michelle Williams recently opened up about how she has noticed a difference in the workplace culture after #MeToo movement while Eva Longoria believes that women directors don't get second chances in Hollywood.

Michelle shared that things are different and today and said, "I feel like the dynamic on sets has changed. They don't hug you anymore. You don't get a morning grope, you get a morning handshake". Eva, on the other hand, said, "Unfortunately, women don't get a second bite of the apple. So that is something we have to fix," in a video posted on Variety's YouTube channel. 

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"I feel like more space has opened up in the room, in the actual creative process. The space has opened up for me to be able to be heard," Michelle added. "I'm so moved, personally and professionally, to have found my place in the conversation and my voice through the conversation. (I) feel like I've grown up inside of the conversation. It's the thing that I'll feel the closest to, more than any work that I've ever done, if I can just incrementally move the needle for other women."

Eva went on to say, "If a female director fails, if her movie doesn't do well, then she can't direct. That's not the case". As someone who has a production house UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, Eva finds it important for women to support each other. "It is important once the door is open and 'you are there' to leave the door open for other women." The actress said, "I produce and direct a show called Grand Hotel. I said I want a female director of photography and when I hire her, she makes sure that the camera crew hires women. So you are really sh*t out of luck if you are a man because we just fill those positions first with women and then people of colour...Because we have to start building this pipeline of talent."

Michelle was last seen in the film All The Money In The World and Eva is excited about Dora and the Lost City of Gold, which is based on the popular animated series Dora the Explorer, aired in India on Nick Jr.

(Source: IANS)