First Starbucks cup, now water bottle spotted in the Game of Thrones finale and the internet can't stop laughing


Fans have been finding more and more reasons to criticise the latest season of Game of Thrones and the final episode of the show was no less of an opportunity. Apart from being slammed for disappointing plotlines and confused writing, show creators have come under fire for numerous bloopers in season 8. It began with netizens spotting a coffee cup in one episode. And now, the icing on the cake is that plastic bottles were spotted in the finale of the show.

In the pictures that are doing the rounds on the internet, one plastic bottle is spotted under Samwell Tarly's chair and another one near Ser Davos's chair. The pictures spread through social media like wildfire and fans cannot help but troll the creators for making another blunder. 

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Here are the memes being made on the plastic bottle fiasco: 

And this fan is quite done with the season and its many mistakes! 

And the best joke to come out of this: 

Source: Game of Thrones/ Twitter