After Seungri, two more South Korean stars, Jung Joon and Yong Jun-hyun quit the music business over sex scandal


Two more K-pop stars have dramatically quit the music business amid a growing industry sex scandal, the media reported on Wednesday.

Jung Joon-young, 30, admitted to secretly filming himself having sex with women and sharing the footage. He said he will drop all his TV and music work. "I admit to all my crimes," Jung said in a statement a day after superstar Seungri from the group Big Bang quit the industry after he was charged with sex bribery. Jung, who is accused of taping 10 or more women, is due to be questioned by Seoul Metropolitan Police on Thursday, the BBC reported.

"I filmed women without their consent and shared it in a chatroom and while I was doing so I didn't feel a great sense of guilt," said Jung. The admission came after South Korean broadcaster SBS reported allegations that he had filmed his own sex videos without his partners' permission and shared them with friends in a mobile chat group during 2015-16.
He apologized to the fans he had "outraged" and to the women whose privacy he violated.

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"Throughout the rest of my life, I will repent on my immoral and illegal acts that constitute crimes. I will faithfully cooperate with an investigation by police and I will readily accept whatever punishment is in store for me." This was not the first time Jung was accused of filming a sexual encounter without consent. An ex-girlfriend made an allegation against him in 2016 but ultimately withdrew it.

The case against Jung was discovered during a separate police investigation into K-pop superstar Seungri - who was reportedly a member of Jung's group chat. Seungri, whose boyband Big-bang had sold more than 140 million records, was charged with supplying prostitutes to potential business investors and the police reportedly found Jung's videos while investigating that case. Seungri, 28, retired from the entertainment industry on Monday and promised to co-operate with the police. He denies procuring sex workers.

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Third high-profile South Koreanpop starr on Thursday quit his band after admitting to viewing a secretly filmed sex video. In an Instagram post, Yong Jun-hyung, 29, announced that he would leave the boy band Highlight after he recanted his previous denials of receiving such videos, the Guardian reported. Yong said he had received a clip that another entertainer had recorded without the woman's consent and then participated in "inappropriate conversations" about it.

"All these behaviours were extremely unethical, and I was stupid," he said in the post to his 1.7 million Instagram followers. Highlight's entertainment label, Around US Entertainment, said in a statement that Yong was "now in a deep state of reflection for his past inappropriate actions, as well as for the disappointment that he undoubtedly caused many due to his immorality". The admission emerged on the same day that the police were set to question two other K-pop stars over their roles in the scandal.