Captain Marvel’s New Trailer: Brie Larson is spectacular and fiery as the saviour the Avengers needed


A new trailer of Captain Marvel has been dropped that provides a further peek at the backstory, power and attributes of Marvel Universe’s most powerful superhero who is the first female solo lead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and touted as the strongest Avenger. Fans have already floated the idea that she is Earth’s best chance against the mighty Thanos. Infinity War left many fans unsatisfied and waiting eagerly for what will follow next and when Nick Fury used an old pager to send an SOS, the identity of the receiver wasn’t revealed but it hinted very strongly that he is calling in the last resort, Captain Marvel.

Brie Larson plays the role of Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers. The new trailer starts off with an altercation between Danvers (Larson) and an old lady in a train with a digitally de-aged Samuel L Jackson’s (Nicky Fury) voice-over that explains that neither of them is human. Danvers belongs to an alien Kree race while the old woman is a Skrull, shape-shifting aliens who are the ‘bad guys’.

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[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="743"] Brie Larson as Captain Marvel[/caption]

When a young Nick Fury concludes the narration with a surmise that Kree are “noble warriors”, Danvers corrects him and says in the trailer, “Noble warrior heroes.” Danvers who in her past life US Air Force pilot had an accident and was infused with Kree blood (which is green, btw) that enabled her to “live longer, stronger, superior” than the human race.

In the trailer, Danvers tells Fury that she keeps seeing glimpses of her past life. She says “I keep having these memories. Something in my past is the key to all of this.” During the course of the film Captain Marvel she will obviously discover her past life and how she ended up becoming a superhero that will be the savior of everyone while confronting the Skrull danger led by Talos played by Ben Mendelsohn.

Jude Law also is seen in the trailer as the mentor of Danvers, Mar-Vell. Captain Marvel is scheduled to release on March 8, 2019. Brie Larson will also be a seen reprising her role in Avengers 4 that will release on May 3, 2019.

Watch the second trailer of Captain Marvel here: